How to Write an Essay on Books? Importance, Sample Example

How to Write an Essay on Books?

Let’s learn how to write an essay on books! Books are perhaps the most precious friends one could ever have. A friend who would never change, a friend who would never give up on you, and of course, a friend you could always count on. This is the one friend who would never stop teaching you something new. The more friends you will have, the more you will learn.

Every child must make a book his/her good friend from an early age.

The Importance of Books

Developing a reading habit from an early age is always helpful for a child to grow and learn a lot of things. From an early age, a book can develop a child’s perspective and make him understand a lot of things happening around him clearly.

Books are great for evoking imagination. The habit of reading a book is far more rewarding than developing a habit of playing video games or sitting in front of the TV every evening.

Reading storybooks from an early age can make a child much sharper and more aware of the world. It can definitely help him/her with their school work as well.

how to write an essay on books? Importance & examples
How to write an essay on books? Importance & examples

Plus, reading books from an early age will make them aware of the magic of literature. This is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Literature is nothing but the reflection of life and society. Reading literature will help them become much more mature from an early age.

First Essay on Books

When we look at our surroundings, all we could see are busy people always glued to their smartphones, never having a moment a break to take a look around them. This is precisely why most kids hate reality and want to escape from it, escape to a world where they can plunge into the realm of fantasy and not have to worry about the seriousness of the surroundings.

However, in doing so these days, they often end up being addicted to playing video games. But this is the time when you can introduce a book to them. A book can be equally effective for such a situation. The book allows the child to dive into the magical world of the story and live the lives of the characters. It’s an experience unlike any. Because, not only will it delight the child thoroughly, but it will also teach him/her a lot, and the best part is, even if they get addicted to reading a book, it will never harm them.

So next time when you are choosing a gift for your child, try to buy him/her a book appropriate for his/her age. Believe me, that will be the best possible gift you could ever give.

Second Essay on Book

During recess at school, I never stayed indoors and was always reluctant to go inside even when the recess was over. This is why I have never visited the school library, and I never had any intention either. Reading and studying were never my forte, and, still, I’m not too fond of it. So, you can understand that someone like me would never visit the library, not in a million years.

But last Saturday, something happened which I thought would never happen to me ever. But it happened by chance. My brother is in High School, and he loves reading books. His room always smells like a bookstore. He also has a membership card in the public library. So, last Saturday, he wanted me to accompany him there because he needed some help carrying all those books.

essay on books
Essay on books

Just imagine, me who had never been to the school library all his life, and now has to accompany my older brother to carry his books. Needless to say, I was not happy at all. I just wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. So, I just had my breakfast, and without saying too much, I tagged along with him. But the moment I entered the library, something changed, and I was mesmerized by the massive stack of books all around me. My brother had given me two options. I can either wait in the corner till he is done, or I can browse the childrens’ section, provided I keep the book right back to where it was.

First, I was waiting around the corner and then thought, why to wait when I could at least look at the books. Even the children section was more extensive than I thought. Thus, I randomly browsed the books, and there I found a book by Edgar Allan Poe.

The book was named famous adventures of Mr. Dupin. I immediately requested my brother to get it for me, and he just smiled in return. Don’t know why, but I felt like this can be pretty good.

He just said, “Welcome to the club!”

Let’s see a few more essay on books for practice on the internet.

Third Essay on Book

My birthday has always been very special for me. My parents never failed to surprise me with a party and lots of gifts. All my friends used to get invited, and it was always a very happy occasion. But last year’s birthday was more special to me than all the previous ones. As I said, my parents, friends, and other relatives, never failed to gift me amazing things on my birthday, and I adore every single one of them. But last year, I received a gift that was better than all others. And the best part is that it was completely unexpected.

Over the years, I have received all kinds of gifts from my parents and other relatives. From remote-controlled cars to Play Station, I have it all! Since I am the only child in the family, I am always very much pampered, and they are ready to go to any extent to make my wish come true. I always liked sports, and thus they have gifted me everything from a cricket bat to football, to volleyball and what not. These are the things that I used to cherish the most from the gifts; I have received on my birthday. But this year, everything changes when my grandfather gave me the best gift of my life.

Each year, after my birthday, I open my gifts with my family members when all the invitees return. This year also, it was the same thing. First, I had opened the gifts I had received from my friends. Every single one of them was amazing, and I was delighted to have received them.

Next, I started opening gifts from my family members. However, I noticed that one gift was not there. Grandfather’s gift was not there. I was a bit puzzled at first but thought maybe he had forgotten to bring one. But then when I was done opening all the other gifts, my grandfather came with a small packet and handed it to me. At first, I couldn’t realize what it was, and when I opened it, inside was a small book of stories written by Ruskin Bond.

I was pretty amazed at first because no one had gifted me a book before, and I never read anything other than my school books. My grandfather said that I must read at least a page or two every night before going to bed or doing my homework. Slowly, I started reading it, and with each page, I loved it even more. Now, my grandfather has decided to gift me a book every month.

Fourth Essay on Book

With age, we grow both mentally and physically. Like our physical growth, our mental development happens relatively quickly, provided we do the right exercises. This is essential. Just like there are some physical exercises to make our mind stronger, reading is one such exercise that can easily make our mind stronger and make us much more aware of the world around us.

Now, when we read a book, we are not only leafing through a few pages; instead, we are leafing through the experiences shared by the author, the experience that he has gathered all his life, which is not only precious but very effective at the same time. Being young students, it is not possible for us to gather these experiences at such an early age. However, just by reading the book, we can get the necessary insights about the author’s life and experience, which can be immensely useful for our own life.

You may go to a library and visit the philosophy section. There, you will be able to see the numerous books written on this one subject, this one subject that is the root of everything else. Everything begins with a philosophy, and that’s why it is considered the father of all subjects. Right from the time of the Greek Philosophers to our current time, we have philosophy books for every generation. We often get distracted by our surroundings and lose track of success. This is where books can help us and give us a fair idea about the goals of life and how to achieve them. If you too often lose track of life and get confused about what to do with your life, then reading a book can indeed help you a lot.

In today’s world, most kids are addicted to using smartphones and playing online video games. We have even heard reports of children who became so addicted to playing games that their parents had to consult with the therapist to find the ideal remedy to their child’s problem. This is not unnatural because video games are meant to be addictive. A lot of therapists argue that children do that because the reality around them has become quite harsh for them, and they are always looking for an escape route. But even if that’s the case, books can still be of great help for your child. Books can also give them a break from the dull reality that they despise so much and plunge them into the fantastic world of stories and fantasies. However, being addicted to reading has never caused any harm to anyone ever! Depending too much on video games will surely make you forget the reality.

That’s the best part.


I believe with the above discussion about essay on books; you now have a clear idea about why books can be so helpful for young kids and adults alike. In this current world, where everyone is influenced by technology and smartphones, books can still be our savior. It is the only way by which we can overcome our limitless dependence on smartphones. If you wish to see your child grow both physically and mentally, make him/her develop of habit of reading books instead of fidgeting with your smartphone. You can check our few interesting essays for further study,

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