How to Write an Essay on Happiness? Example & Sample

How to Write an Essay on Happiness?

Happiness is that one thing that governs everything in our lives. This is what makes us pursue our dreams and make them a reality. It is the sole ambition that drives us forward, no matter how complex the situation might be. Our quest for happiness keeps us alive, keeps our hope alive, and that’s exactly why we should value happiness over everything else.

Some may say that happiness can be bought with money. But as we mature and attain some wisdom, we realize that it is rarely the case; we can never attain happiness through only money; it is a feeling that’s absolutely priceless. To attain happiness, one must look inside and follow our hearts or at least try to. This is the only feeling that can never be found on a piece of paper but can only be felt through our hearts.

Why Is Happiness Important in Our Life?

Without attaining happiness, our soul cannot thrive. This is the feeling that keeps everything in our life together. The true sense of happiness is something that all of us are searching for throughout our lives. The definition of happiness in life may differ from person to person, but the culminating effect is perhaps the same.

  • Happiness makes us motivated to move forward and do something more to experience the same feeling over and over again.
  • It keeps our mental health in place and makes our souls feel fulfilled.
  • Searching for happiness is a grand thing that can sometimes make our lives difficult. However, if we can attain happiness from little things, that can always make us feel blissful.
  • Happiness is precious, but it can never be bought with money. Hence, searching for happiness from worldly things is not the right approach all the time.

Sample Essay on Happiness

I have a fantastic job! For most people, it is a dream job. Wherever I go, people ask me how they can prepare themselves for such a job role or how this kind of salary scale can indeed fix all the problems in life.

I have often seen how people often relate happiness with this job, or rather I should say, how they related happiness with my salary scale. They think that I have a wonderful life and that a life like mine is what people often dream about. But honestly, it is not the case for me.

Frankly, I am pretty happy with my life. This big corporate job pays me really well, and I get to enjoy all the luxury that life has to offer. It often makes me think that am I used to this life?

If tomorrow I lose this job, will I still be able to live my life with this happy-go-lucky attitude? If yes, then the happiness of my life is dependent on this job, right? This is one thought that I’m not particularly eager to dwell on.

Sometimes, it scares me to think that my life is like some corporate office-controlled system where someone else pulls all the strings, and I am just dancing to their tune.

But last month, when I paid a visit to my ancestral home, this thought, this fear of mine, was eased a lot. I was no more feeling anxious about who is controlling my life. I must say that I was feeling in control of my own life.

I was pretty far from the comforts I enjoy in my ancestral home, thanks to my high-paying corporate job. I was working in muddy fields, and I was having normal tea in the morning and not some Starbucks Café!

The life that I know back in the metropolitan was slowly fading away, and I could find the beauty in the peaceful ambiance of the village in the morning light.

It was then; I realized this is the kind of happiness that I have always desired. Not the hustle and bustle of the big old city but the quietness of the village.

The moment I announce my retirement, I am packing my bags and settling here for the rest of my life. It was hard at first, but there was satisfaction in the hard labor in the field.

The most important thing; I was feeling alive!

Sample Essay on Happiness

If I am to say honestly, I love this city! I love my city life as well. I love everything about it, and I am glad I was born here.

But when people talk about the huge business empire I have and how my life is as grand as a movie star, I often start feeling claustrophobic. This is not the kind of attitude that makes me happy, and that’s exactly why I often ask myself a very simple question;

What exactly makes me happy?

Is it money I have made for myself?

Is it the love I get from all my lovers?

This is the question that I have been asking myself for a long, long time, and still, I couldn’t find my answer.

Until now…

As I walked on the streets of this great city where I was born, I found the answer I have been looking for for ages.

Do you want to know what makes me happy the most?

This walk, this walk that I do every evening when it is about to get dark, is the time when I feel the happiest. This is the time when I get my ideas. Because I could see the city and I could connect with this energy, or you know how the Buddhists describe it.

I feel one with the city, and this is what makes me the happiest.

I am no King, but when I walk the streets alone at night, I feel the King of my own world. Every one must feel the King of their own world; that’s where happiness exists.

Sample Essay on Happiness

My job pays me really well, but at the same time, it drains a lot out of me as well. I often feel completely drained when I get back from work. But despite everything, the moment I see six at the clock, I suddenly feel the energy to get up from my seat and pack things.

The traffic is a murderer today! But it is usually just like this almost every day. It didn’t bother me much because I know the moment; I get back to my house, all this fatigue that I am feeling will be over. I will not longer feel the pain in my body or the restlessness in my mind. I will plunge myself into something I love, and when I will be there, in my world, all my fatigue will be gone, and I will feel nothing but pure bliss and happiness.

I have an unfinished novel waiting at my reading desk, and the moment I unlocked the door, I could see the book waiting there for me.

After a long cool shower, I sit down on my sofa.

Some movie star somewhere had said, “I feel infinitely alive, curled up in a sofa with a book in my hand, completely lost between the pages.”

This is exactly the same for me as well.

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Sample Essay on Happiness:

Being a professional athlete, I need to train hard every day. There is a lot of hard work that I need to put in, and there are no two ways of saying it; sometimes, it makes me really tired, not just physically but mentally as well.

Every day’s practice is something that has become a routine for me, and I do feel happy when I win accolades and medals for my country, for my state. But there is something that always eludes me, a feeling that makes me get up every day and start practicing only to come back home again.

But what is that feeling? The answer always eludes me until today!

Only a week ago, I bought a new sapling. Gardening has been my hobby since I was a teenager. I made it a point that I would come back home every day and water it diligently.

Only today, when I saw a green sprout coming out of the black mud of the tub, I realized that this is the answer that’s been eluding me all this time. This is the feeling that makes me get up every day and be the man I was destined to be.

Happiness is not something that you need to run after; it is something that you need to acquire through your heart!


Hence, we have got a basic idea of how to write an essay on happiness. Happiness is a subjective concept; hence, objectifying this feeling is perhaps the biggest mistake that human beings often commit. Understanding what makes you happy is perhaps the biggest philosophical quest in our lives. Once we can sort this puzzle, even the greatest of our life problems like stress, anxiety, or other mental health-related issues will be sorted out automatically.

I believe the above discussion somehow helped you reach a conclusion about your philosophy about happiness in life. Should you have any other queries, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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