How to Write an Essay on Love? Example of Mother’s Love

How to Write an Essay on Love

We often say love is blind! But what is the definition of true love? Can we exist without love? This is perhaps one of the most fundamental questions behind our existence. But can love be defined? This is what this post is all about. Here, we will try to explore the various aspects of love and how it governs our lives.

Why Love is Important in Our Life

Every living human being is prone to have and feel emotion. But we humans can express our feelings in the best way possible compared to any other living creature. There are many feelings and emotions that we feel, but love is perhaps the strongest and most beautiful feeling of all.

how to write an essay love mothers examples
How to write an essay love mothers examples
  • Love is the strongest emotion of all, which helps us unite with each other and make this world a better place.
  • Not only with fellow human beings, but love can help us feel united and compassionate with every living being around us. This is perhaps one of the greatest virtues of human life.
  • A loveable and compassionate human being can have a wonderful relationship with other human beings.
  • In this world where hatred and envy are slowly degrading our life, only love can provide us with salvation.

Essay 1: Essay on Love

I have always been scared of storms and lightning. My parents know that very well. This is why whenever there used to be a storm or heavy lighting, my mother always used to sleep by my side. I have never been naughty; I have always tried to be the good girl my parents expected me to be. But that day, when my classmate Sheetal was continuously disturbing, I lost my cool and thought about giving her a taste of her own medicine. I was still okay with everything else, but when she tore off my book cover, I couldn’t stay calm and decided to pull her hair as well. As expected, things turned ugly, and we were both called to the principal’s office. The principal called my parents and briefed the entire situation, and along with that, he also added that such behavior would not be tolerated from next time onwards.

how write essay on love mothers example basics
How write essay on love mothers example basics

When I entered the house, I could feel the air being heavy. That was the first time when my parents rebuked me like that. But the worst thing happened when they asked to sleep alone. As the night grew, I could hear the roaring thunder and heavy lightning. Just when I thought I would cry my heart out, I could feel the door creaking open and my mother’s silhouette appearing. That is the time when I realized that nothing could replace a mother’s love.

Essay 2: Essay on Love

I grew up watching movies with my elder sister. In almost every movie, I have seen that the hero swears on his life when he says he loves the heroine. At that time, I used to wonder what true love is? My best friend in the world is Pluto, my pet dog.

He is my constant companion. Although they say dogs cannot talk, I always felt that Pluto talks to me just like I talk to Pluto. I often ask him, “Pluto, what is true love?” He just looks at me with his big blue eyes and wags his tail at me. I guess that’s his answer for me.

how write essay love mothers example
How write essay love mothers example

I will never forget that monsoon for the rest of my life. I love watching the rain, and dancing in the rain is perhaps my favorite thing to do. So when I saw the first drops of rain falling in my backyard, I dashed outside and started dancing. Pluto was tethered in his kennel; seeing me dancing, he started barking.

My mother caught sight of me and immediately started rebuking me. So, I only had a couple of minutes to myself with my favorite rain. But that was enough to get a high fever from the very next day. For almost three days, I was bedridden, and I couldn’t eat anything. But thanks to the doctor, I was finally okay after a week-long sickness. During the feats of fever, I couldn’t see things correctly, but all I could see was a long furry tail wagging at me.

Later my mother told me Pluto was beside my bed from morning to evening. Even he didn’t eat properly. So every time I see the famous movie star talking about true love, I look at Pluto.

Essay 3: Essay on Love

Having a twin sister is the worst thing in the world! At least that’s what I have thought so before yesterday. When you have a twin sister, you will have to share every single thing you have with her, whether you like it or not. She will bother you with every possible thing, and most of the time, your parents will take her side, and guess what? Even if it’s not your fault, you will still have to suffer the punishment.

The same thing happened when she was detained in the school for fighting with one of her classmates. Frankly, it was not her fault entirely, but the other girl wanted to beat her perhaps, and thus the catfight had begun. After a long time, I was enjoying the scene as she was getting beaten up. It was not so severe; otherwise, I would have intervened, but I wanted to have some fun since back at home, it was always the other way around.

As expected, after the catfight was over, the monitor complained to the class teacher, and thus the matter ended up behind the closed doors of the principal’s office. The principal called me up as well and told me that I should have handled the situation.

I was not at all worried about what the principal had said; he was just doing his job because I was her twin brother. However, I was happy that now my sister will be rebuked by our parents. But what do you know? Before they said anything to her, they charged on me and started rebuking me. My fault was that I was present there, and being her brother, I should have intervened in the first place. When I defended myself and raised my voice a little, my father gave me a tight slap, and my mother even warned me that if I dare open my mouth again, I shall be locked inside the bathroom for the rest of the day.

When the situation cooled down a bit, and everyone went inside, I was biding my time on the porch with my cheek still hurting. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was my sister with some ointment and a warm piece of cloth. She sat beside me all throughout the evening, and my pain slowly faded away.

I felt lucky to have her as my sister.

Essay 4: Essay on Love

The day I first saw her, I didn’t feel anything. I never believed in love at first sight. The least I had ever expected was meeting someone with whom I would have a matching wavelength, nothing more. But the first day I spoke to her, I never even felt any such connection. However, a friend of mine told me you should continue to talk to her, and you will get to like her eventually.

Every time we spoke about movies or books in general, we always ended up having the opposite choices. So, I thought it’s not going to work out between us. However, just like they say in movies when the universe conspires against you, there’s nothing that you can do about it.

I have been a member of a local NGO for a long time now, and we organize various charitable functions all throughout the year. So, when I was informed about our next initiative this Sunday, I was very much looking forward to it. Someone also told me that a few new members are joining us that day as well. So being a part of the core committee, I had to welcome them as well. But when I reached the venue on Sunday, I was absolutely taken aback.

Among all the new members, I saw her standing there as well. We were both surprised to see each other there but decided not to say anything. Soon we got busy with the work of our day’s program. But I could feel that both of us were looking at each other whenever possible. It was the first mutual connection I felt between us. Seeing all the faces of the people we were helping really made me feel happy, and I could see her eyes brimming with joy as well.

Amidst that huge crowd of people, even without saying a single word, I could communicate with her, and it indeed felt special. Ever since she also became an active member of the group, we organized numerous other events to help the people in need and spread love.

The love for helping people and the wish to spread love brought us close, and we eventually confessed the love that slowly grew like a tree on its own spontaneously.

It’s been five years now, and we have been nurturing the tree every single day.


In the end, from our essay on love, it can be very well perceived that love cannot have any strict definition. The romantic feeling between two human beings can definitely be one of the most recognizable forms of love, but there can be other kinds as well. Feeling one with nature and the purifying feeling of natural beauty can also be considered as one of the strongest feelings of love.

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