How to Write an Essay on Poverty in Education? What are Causes?

How to Write an Essay on Poverty?

Poverty is a condition where a human being fails to earn his/her livelihood to survive and fulfill the basic needs of life. Basically, when a person is below the poverty line, he is unable to manage food, shelter, and clothes, the three essential things to live within a society.

There can be a number of reasons as to why a person might suffer from poverty. In this post, we are going to look at them one by one.

The Reasons Behind Poverty and What Can We Do to Prevent Them:

The reason behind poverty can be numerous.

  • First of all, lack of job opportunities can be a massive problem for any individual trying to make it anywhere in the world.
  • Next up, education also plays a vital role for any individual looking for the perfect job opportunity. If you don’t have the required educational qualification, it can be complicated for you to find the work you are looking for.
  • The socio-economic structure of a particular country can also be responsible for the job opportunities available for poor people.
  • If the government doesn’t fight against corruption and equal rights for every individual in the country, most poor people will not have work and exist below the poverty line.
how write essay on poverty education what causes
How write essay on poverty education what causes

First Essay: What is Poverty Essay?

Poverty is definitely one of the most persistent problems for any country or state. Dealing with poverty is not at all easy. Instead, one has to have a very structured approach to deal with poverty and eradicate all the reasons behind it. Some of the most common reasons are lack of employment, lack of education, and lack of opportunities for people below the poverty line.

But at the end of the day, it is our responsibility to help the people living under the poverty line. We often care about people who are associated with major professions like doctors, engineers, teachers, industrialists, and whatnot. We treat them with respect and value their contribution to society. However, this is not the same for other professions like auto-rickshaw drivers, tea-vendor, street-cleaners, etc. However, their contribution is equally significant as any of the major profession holders.

Because of this particular mentality, these people are often considered the backward class, and some even fail to earn a decent living. They lack opportunities in every sector imaginable, and this is the harsh reality of their life. Without some good initiative to give them an assured income, these people will always end up below the poverty line, and the problems of poverty will always be there.

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Second Essay: Essay on Poverty

Poverty is collateral damage for any country. Not only it affects the people living under this circumstance, but it affects the overall situation of the country as well. If many people from a country live below the poverty line, it can never be a good sign for their overall development. As a matter of fact, the difference between a first-world country and a third-world country is identified by the average income of every citizen. If a country is still suffering from problems like poverty, it can never be considered a developed country.

This is exactly why every country should take the problems of poverty very seriously and act on them. The more quickly a country can eradicate the effects of poverty, the better chances it can create for the future. And the most significant step towards that is definitely promoting education to people from all walks of life.

essay on poverty and correlation with education
Essay on poverty and correlation with education

If we can promote education to every walk of life, they will be much more able, and they can find job opportunities that will allow them to earn their living. Most people turn to odd jobs and even criminal activities just because they have the necessity to earn a living, and there are no jobs available in a legit way. But with proper education, they can indeed find something within their caliber. Imagine how effective it can be to reduce the crime rate in the country. This leads to the second most crucial step. You have to give them equal respect and opportunity to earn their living. When poor people are treated as equals, only then can this society attain the perfect balance. When you will have equal opportunities for everyone, the division of poor and rich and the discrimination caused by that will cease to exist.

Third Essay: Essay on Poverty

Poverty is not a new problem. It has been there for ages, and after the independence of this country, it has reached a new height altogether. But if we look at history, then we can see that there were other countries as well, which suffered from the same problem but managed to eradicate the adverse effects of poverty over the course of time. This proves that it is not at all impossible. Instead, with a carefully devised strategy, any country can overcome this situation as well. We need to identify the hindrances that we have, and by working on them, we can overcome this persisting problem called poverty.

There can be no doubt that educating the people of a country is perhaps the most crucial step in eradicating poverty. But that doesn’t mean just enrolling them in some college or university, which will be enough. The ideal education for them will be skill-based education. With skill-based education, they will be able to find the right job that will help them earn a living. But apart from that, another important thing is making them feel one with society. Most poor people feel kind of left out in society. In the ideal scenario, you need to make them feel one with the society and value the contribution they extend towards the people.

There are many people in this country who fail to show proper respect to people belonging to the poor class of society. This mentality leads to greater discrimination and marginalization. However, if we treat them with equal respect and help them find their place in society, the ethos of this country will be much more enriched.

Lastly, till the time they find ways to earn their living, the government must support them and aid them in every way possible. We can see a number of agendas already in place to help them with a minimum income and roof over their head. But we need to ensure that these agendas are free from the clasps of corruption.

Fourth Essay: Essay on Poverty

Poverty, underdevelopment, and impoverished people; all these words go hand in hand as they are just different faces of the same thing. But the interesting fact is the solution, or the method to eradicate all these things, is also the same thing. If we eliminate poverty, then all these other aspects will automatically disappear.

One of the biggest reasons behind poverty is nothing but lack of job opportunities. This is why the first step should be creating more scopes of employment. However, when it comes to employment, just paying them a minimum wage for the job they are doing is not going to help them in any way. Instead, they should be adequately paid and without any discrimination. When it comes to discrimination, even people from other classes have a vital role to play as well. We often see that when it comes to buying goods from a supermarket or any branded showroom, we never bargain or raise questions about the MRP. But when it comes to purchasing petty things from street vendors, our attitude changes entirely as we always tend to bargain with them and even try to justify that they are trying to make more profit than what they deserve. In reality, only a handful of people realize that not only they make very little profit but also their earning is rarely enough to feed their family. This is where education can come into the picture and change a few things for them. With skill-based training, they can try for better job opportunities where the scope of income will be better.

To carry out an initiative like this, you need planning. This is something that the government can only materialize. Hence, they need to take calculative steps to make them able enough to take care of their future. Lastly, the government should also take initiatives to empower the poor people until they manage to find better jobs. For that, they can take care of their minimum income slab and also arrange for free education programs. The sooner a government can take care of poverty in a country, the better it will be for the whole nation and its citizen.


So, I believe with the above discussion; you now understand why most of the people in this country are still living below the poverty line. The reason behind poverty is more or less the same everywhere which we have captured in our essay on poverty.

So, till the time the government takes initiatives to eradicate these reasons, the word poverty will not be abolished.

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