How to Write an Essay on Technology? Importance, Merits & Demerits

An Essay on Technology

Let’s learn how to write an essay on technology! Technology is perhaps the greatest boon to mankind. It is because of technology what seemed impossible even a few years is now possible and already in existence.

However, it has brought on some adverse effects as well, and thus it has become one of the worst banes for our mother nature. In this post, we will try to trace the various aspects of technology.

Why the Growth of Technology Is Important and What Are Our Responsibilities to Reduce Its Misuses?

The true aim of technology was to make our lives easier and better. However, too much dependency on technology has rendered us lazy and inefficient.

New technological innovations are necessary to make this world a beautiful place. However, one should not use technology to destroy natural elements.

We should use technology to connect to the bigger world outside our grasp, but we should never forget to stay connected with our near and dear ones.

Technology should be used to eradicate all the malice that exists in this world and should not be used to create some more. The true salvation of a human being is by being one with nature and not with a robot.

Essay on Technology – The Benefits of Technology

From ancient times, man has always tried to innovate something new, something that will make their lives better. And this pursuit, they continued to explore technology. If AI is the latest feat of achievement as far as technology is concerned, the first man-made wheel or cart was one of the most primitive examples.

It may sound nothing compared to what we have right now, but everything needs a start. And just imagine where would we be without wheels? The motive behind innovating wheels back then is the same as our current motivation behind developing AI; to make our lives better, easier, and convenient.

essay technology education benefits demerits artificial intelligence
Essay technology education benefits demerits artificial intelligence

Before men discovered technology, they needed to work hard. But now, everything can happen with just the touch of a button. With one swipe of your thumb, you can get connected with someone sitting a thousand miles apart.

Thanks to smartphones and the internet, the world is now in your palm, and you can get all the news you want. Now, you don’t have to wait forever before someone sends you a letter.

Trains, metros, airplanes; the whole communication and transportation system has evolved exponentially.

Now, nothing is impossible, and this is perhaps the most significant benefit of technology.

Essay on Technology – The Needs of Technological Advancements

Technology is something that makes the impossible possible, but without defying the laws of nature. Throughout the course of time, technological advancements have helped human beings overcome the adversities of nature and keep their lives safe.

If we had never tried to invent bridges, we would have never successfully crossed rivers and improved our communication system. This is the power of technology that makes us enable to overcome the adversaries of nature and become the best version of ourselves.

But that’s not all.

Nature is full of uncertainties, and that’s why we hardly get to know what nature holds in store for us next, like weather, for example. We hardly get to understand in which way the weather will turn next. Before the innovation of technology, the man was helpless. But now, thanks to modern technology, we can understand the next turn of events and move ourselves to safety.

Everything is directly influenced by technological advancements, from a simple lighter to the biggest rockets and arsenals in the army. However, it has given us destructive machines that can wipe all of the human race.

Perhaps the greatest revolution that technology has helped to happen is in the domain of communication. This has undoubtedly become a live saver. Imagine you are trapped in a place where you can reach out to anyone for help. But now, thanks to satellite technology, we can locate you and send help.

When we become old, life can be pretty difficult for all of us. But that doesn’t mean we need to give up. Instead, thanks to technology, we can easily thrive in our life. Also, technological innovations have helped medical science as well. This allows us to identify the disease better and find the perfect preventive measures as well.

Operations have become much more advanced these days, and you can see the overall mortality rate is increased every day.  But, we should always keep a check on the use of technology and never let it disrupt the balance between science and nature.

If the equilibrium is maintained, we will indeed thrive in the future.

Essay on Technology – Its Merits and Demerits

Remember the pages of your history books? In pre-historic times, when you found out about the discovery of fire? Do you recall how it all happened? First, the man had to strike stones to get the fire started.

Funny and amusing, it may sound now, but back then, it was a huge discovery, and it was one of the monumental moments of the history of humankind. But now, is it really necessary to toil so hard and strike stones to light to something.

We have a matchbox and lighter; raising a fire is as easy as ever. This is why when Roger Bacon invented the matchbox, that was a pivotal point in history as well. The same can be said about Newton discovering gravity.

However, this very thing changed the course of nature, and we humans decided to use it against humanity itself, and thus, the other side of technology came to be.

All the latest weapons and arsenals that you can see existing in various countries are nothing but the creation of modern technology. However, the purpose behind all these weapons can never be positive towards the human race or even our mother nature.

This is why when we talk about the merits of technology; we are bound to talk about the demerits as well. Unfortunately, when it comes to technology, the positive and negative goes hand in hand; it is a kind of dual-edged sword. On the one hand, technology has made us realize many of the dreams that were impossible even a few years ago. But now they are possible. We have the fastest trains, tallest building, a network channel so vast that no corner on this planet is outside the radar.

essay technology education benefits metros train
Essay technology education benefits metros train

We have already stepped onto the moon and now planning to create a society up there. Whether it will be possible or not, that is a different question up there, but our efforts are there. Now, these are just a few of the things that technology has given us. If we consider the very first thing we touch in the morning to the last thing we use before going to bed, we will see everywhere technology is present.

However, it has tempered with our Mother Nature as well. With too much dependency on technology, we are slowly becoming robots, a being without feeling and emotion. We only care about our convenience and nothing else, and for that, we are always ready to destroy the natural habitat of other beings. This is something that we have been doing the moment technology has given us that confidence.

The ideal use of technology will be to use it for the betterment of society and not for creating adversities.

Essay on Technology – the Curse or Blessing?

Technology, the savior of humanity, is the very reason behind this thriving society, which is only getting better with time. But is it really the only reason for its existence? Or can it also become the reason behind its destruction?

This is the question that will haunt us forever because the moment we consider both sides of the coin, we will be able to see the real picture.

Now, there can be no doubt that technology is the reason behind the advancement of our society and the human race altogether. For example, without technology, we would not have been able to move from one place to another. This is why the discovery of wheels was significant.

All the industrial development that we can see these days are based on the concept of making fire. This was also an invention like many others. Over the years, man has perfected his innovations, and now, with the discovery of AI, it has reached the pinnacle.

Artificial intelligence is the future, a future where everything will be possible. But is it also the end of everything natural? Is it also the end of human beings? As AI will take control of the world, a human being might just become irrelevant.

But that’s the least of our worries. Apart from humans, the very thing that we know as nature will also be finished.

Fastest trains, smartphones, satellites, tallest building; these might be the blessings of nature, but at the same time, global warming, climate change, glacier melting, and deforestation is also the end result of technology.

essay technology education benefits smartphone
Essay technology education benefits smartphone

The advent of the internet has allowed us to stay connected with the whole wide world. Every piece of information is now in the palm of our hands. Reaching out to someone is as easy as ever. However, this dependency on the internet has detached us from reality and pushed us more towards the virtual medium.

We don’t have any real friends now; we only have virtual friends. Also, we have lost our sense of cordiality and closeness. From birthdays to anniversaries, everything has become virtual.

This is what slowly making us a robot, an emotionless, faceless, heartless being, always glued to our mobile phones, unaware of what happens outside, with zero touch with the nature around us.

We don’t like to enjoy watching rain anymore; we want to capture it with our smartphone and share it on our social media. This dependency was never expected from social media.

We live in a world where we have all kinds of convenience, one can ask, but in the process, we have forgotten how to act like a human being. Technology has made us its slave; it’s a classic case of role reversal.

But there is still time, and there is still hope, to pursue our dream to become the best version of ourselves and not a mere slave. So, with this objective in mind, we should move forwards and make this world a better place.


With the above discussion about the essay on technology, I believe you can now understand all the aspects that exist regarding technology. It is definitely due to technological innovations that human civilization thrived so much over the course of time. From the invention of fire to the innovation of AI, human beings are constantly striving forward to innovate something new. However, the only thing that we need to keep in mind is never to lose ourselves in this pursuit. You can check our few interesting essays for further study,

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