How to Write a Letter on Justice and Open Debate? Sample Letter Example

how write letter justice open debate example

How to Write a Letter on Justice and Open Debate?

Since the dawn of human civilization, the concept of society was not there. It’s only with due time that evolved human beings realized the need for a social structure, and thus, society was created. However, this was achieved with the power of rational thinking, and thus, the concept of open debate and question for justice was introduced. Instead of succumbing to biases and blind faith, man should be rational and debate to find the truth. This is what we are going to talk about in this post.

What are the Importance of Justice and Healthy Debate in a Progressive Society?

Being the superior being of this world, man should have the power to think logically and reach true justice by considering both sides. It has major social significance as well.

  • Open debate and the concept of true justice can get rid of false ideas and other concepts like dogmatism.
  • Open debates help people understand the facts better instead of popular belief.
  • Being biased is not a healthy practice for politics or democracy in general. But with debate and logical thinking, one can understand the reality and face the facts.

Letter on Justice to the Newspaper Editor

South Range,

Andhra Pradesh



The Editor

India Times

24th Main Road

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to convey my opinion in reference to your article published last week. I am an ardent follower of your esteemed daily, and I was moved by your thoughts on open debate and the importance of debate in this current situation.

The Election is knocking on our doors, and everyone is gearing up for the biggest festival of democracy in the country. However, sometimes we see that many candidates from various political parties often end up misleading common people into believing something that is quite far from the truth. But this is where open debate can play a vital role. Debates are not only good for people to exercise freedom of speech, but they also help others to realize the truth and the facts. Often, we only get to hear one side of the argument, but that’s where all the information gets more confusing.

However, a healthy culture will help ordinary people to realize the state of the fact. The debate can be quite informative as well. One can get a lot of information that is otherwise not available in the public domain. Debate is perhaps the only practice where you need to imply both and logical thinking at the same time. This tendency or practice can be very helpful during events like an election where common people from all walks of life participate and share their opinion.

Thus, I believe more and more open debates should be organized. Also, it should not be restricted to the upper-class and high-educated people of the society. Instead, debates should be organized at the grass-roots level, and people from all walks of life should take part and share their opinion. At least participating in the debate can enrich them as well, and they will not give in to political falsehood or even political violence. Debates help you get rid of blind following and biased attitudes. This is why the Greeks had founded many debating societies where many intellectuals used to counter the opinion of others. After all, conflict is the force that moves this civilization forward.

The ancient Greek philosophers always prioritized logical and rational thinking. Therefore, we too should question the political preaching we see every day and judge for ourselves whom to trust and whom to elect.

Waiting to see a much more logical society around!

Yours sincerely,

Rajeev Khanna

Letter on Justice to an MP:

West Avenue,





MP’s Office

Lower Range

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to bring your kind attention to a very important matter considering the current situation in the country. First of all, please excuse me for occupying a few minutes from your busy schedule; however, I believe you may also share the same outlook regarding this topic.

You are probably aware of the current social state these days in the country. With horrific incidents of rape, murder, and other crimes filling the first pages of our newspaper every day, it’s high time that we make our society and its people realize the gravity of the situation. Most of the incidents are either caused by some political discourse, a particular belief overpowering the minds of helpless individuals, or various social stigmas.

Regardless of the main reason, awareness about all these incidents can only lead us towards justice. But attaining justice requires proof and logical argument. The habit of understanding everything with a rational outlook is becoming rare and rare these days. This is why; I believe it is imperative that we need to bring back the habit of participating in a debate. Only an open debate has the caliber to unite people make them realize the true facts behind an incident. Instead of just howling over a matter out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness, a debate can instill some insight into the minds of even the most dogmatic people.

Many social stigmas are still in existence because of a lack of social awareness. Topics like gender equality, women’s safety, women’s rights, backward class rights, and social discrimination still need insight and awareness. Hence, if you kindly look into this matter and organize a debating society, I believe it will be of great help for the local people.

With this debating society in place, we can regularly engage ourselves in debate and make people realize the pros and cons of every incident. One must know both sides of the coin to reach the right conclusion. With the practice of logical thinking, I am sure we can achieve this state.

Looking forwards to hearing from you soon.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Puja Trivedi

Letter on Justice to the High Court Judge

West Avenue,





Senior Judge (High Court)

5th School Street Road

Pin: 12357

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter in respect to the insightful article you had published in India Times last week. Your thoughts on the importance of open debate and logical discussion were really enlightening. I was moved by how you have indicated the various usage of open debate in the scenario of political violence and international relationships. But on top of that, I was also very moved by how you illustrated how debating culture could makes us much more privy to the concept of justice.

Needless to say that I have complete faith in our judiciary system and how it is always dedicated to serving true justice, keeping in mind all the aspects, including the exceptional cases. But I absolutely agree with you where you have said that debating societies can help us form our own opinion. Instead of just blindly following the verdict of any social institution, one must examine and analyze the decision as well. As you have rightly said, every citizen has the right to make an appeal to even the highest judiciary authority if they have a valid point.

But here, I would like to add that if we can introduce this habit or debating culture early from school life, that would perhaps serve as the perfect foundation.

I am always looking forward to reading many more insightful papers by you.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Subrata Chatterjee

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Letter on Justice to Election Commissioner:

North Range,




The Electoral Commissioner

Independent National Electoral Commission

ABC Road

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to bring your kind attention to a very important matter considering the current situation. First of all, my heartiest apologies for occupying a part of your valuable time. Since we are in the final hour of the election schedule, I found this aspect to be very much relevant to the situation.

I am fully aware that the election commission is always committed to maintaining a peaceful environment during the different election phases. But I also believe that we, the common people of this state, also hold some great responsibility towards maintaining a peaceful environment.

This also includes the responsibility that every political party has towards their followers and the general public alike. In a situation like this, many rumors often fly rampant and disturb the peace of the environment. But if we could arrange some open debates, then I believe we can overcome these rumors and keep the environment peaceful. After all, only logical-thinking people can counter rumors with facts and never pay any heed to miscommunication.

The debating platforms can also help people analyze the political situation better, and they can choose the best possible representation from their constituency.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Sandip Thakur


Hence, we have learned how to write a letter on justice and open debate. Logic, reason, and debate are the three pillars of truth and justice. Debate teaches us to be more logical and rational in every sector of life. It is also a healthy practice against superstition and blind faith. So, if you wish to understand your society and the people living in a much better way, you should practice debate and logical thinking. Stay blessed.

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