What are Irregular Plurals or Irregular Plural Nouns? Definition, Examples, List

Irregular Plurals or Irregular Plural Noun List, based on the names itself, these are different from regular plural nouns. All the basic details along with the list are captured in this session so that it can be remembered easily. Let’s explore!

What are Irregular Plurals? Defintion

Basics of Irregular Plurals

Irregular plurals or irregular plural nouns, as the name suggests, are different from regular plural nouns. These plurals do not have any rules. We have already learned, adding ‘s’ or ‘es’ at the end of a singular noun to make it plural. But what about if we consider man or deer or child and try to change into plural nouns?

Can we add ‘s’ or ‘es’ here?

Will these be changed like, 

  • a man to mans?
  • or deer to deers?
  • or child to childs? 
irregular plurals noun deer
Irregular plurals noun deer

No! These are not correct plurals in English.

In English Grammar, we say,

  • Man to men
  • Deer to deer
  • Child to children

So, there are no rules here and these kinds of nouns are irregular plurals and we will learn more than 100 irregular plural nouns here.

Definition of Irregular Plural Nouns

The plural nouns which are not obeying any rules like regular plurals are called irregular plurals or irregular plural nouns. Sometimes, these are called unusual plurals, due to its unusual behavior. Irregular plural nouns do not become plural by adding ‘s’ or ‘es’, or any other rules. 

Examples of Irregular Plurals or Plural Nouns

There are thousands of irregular plural nouns in English Grammar. Let us take two examples,

  • aircraft
  • bison

In the case of aircraft or bison, plurals are aircraft and bison respectively instead of aircrafts or bisons. So, no change here.

irregular plurals
Irregular plurals

Irregular plurals

How to Remember the Irregular Plural Nouns List?

So, it is very normal to ask that if there are no rules, how can we remember thousands of irregular plural nouns? It is simple, we have to practice. So, remember to,

  • Read
  • Write
  • Speak
  • Practice
irregular plural nouns list
Irregular plural nouns list

We have captured more than 100 irregular plural nouns widely used in our daily life. I hope, we can learn the most important irregular plurals. However, we have developed a few tricks as rules so that it will be easy to remember. Before going to the list, we will learn the rules.

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Rules of Irregular Plurals or Irregular Plural Nouns

Rule#1 There are few singular nouns, which is not change anything when it is changed into plural nouns.

deerdeerWhen deer is changed into a plural noun, there will not be any change.

Rule#2 There are few singular nouns, where many letters are changed or the entire letters are modified when it is to be made plural forms.

Plural noun of chick =chickenWhen chick is changed into plural, it doesn’t follow any rule.
Plural noun of child =childrenSame
Plural noun of die =diceSame
Plural noun of foot =feetSame
Plural noun of goose =geeseSame
Plural noun of person =peopleSame
Plural noun of ox =oxenSame
Plural noun of Man =MenSame
Plural noun of mouse =miceSame
Plural noun of tooth =teethSame

Rule#3 Some nouns are always singular. They have no plural form.

In the case of many uncountable nouns, the singular form is used to refer to the entire quantity rather than one, two, or more countable items.

  • flour
  • gold
  • silver
  • sugar
  • water

Rule#4 Some nouns have no singular form. These nouns are always plural.

  • jeans
  • binoculars
  • cards
  • games
  • clippers
  • darts
  • gymnastics
  • diseases
  • dominoes
  • ethics
  • glasses
  • linguistics
  • mathematics
  • economics
  • measles
  • trousers
  • physics
  • pants
  • police
  • rabies
  • robbers
  • politics
  • scissors
  • shorts

Rule#5 There are few nouns that have an identical form of singular and plural nouns and both end with ‘s’.

  • barracks,
  • crossroads,
  • headquarters,
  • means,
  • species

Rule#6 Some nouns are used with modifiers. If that is the case, change the noun, not the modifiers. In a hyphenated compound word, you must change the first word into plural form.

guest of honorguests of honor
minister of educationministers of education

Rule#7 Some nouns may have two different kinds of plural.

Fish has two plurals.

  • Fish
  • Fishes

Fish (General Purpose)

  • Normally we use the plural noun fish.
  • Example – I have caught a few fish. Here, few fish mean more than one but the plural noun ‘fish’ is used.

Fishes (it refers to individual fish)

  • She loves aquarium and she has given different names to different fishes. Here, many fishes as all fishes are named individually.

Rule#8 Certain plural nouns are used as a singular.


  • Mathematics
  • News
  • Luggage
  • Politics

Sentence example,

  • Mathematics is not a difficult subject if you understand properly.
  • The news is really very encouraging for the youth.

Rule#9 Collective nouns are usually singular, even though they might sound plural.

For example,

  • Ambush
  • Flock
  • Herd
  • Bunch

In the above, although ambush, flock, herd, bunch, etc. refer to the group but acts as a single item.

Rule#10 Non-countable nouns do not have plural forms.

For example,

  • Water
  • Soup
  • Ketch-up
  • Sugar

Sentence examples,

  • Water is deep. Here, water used as a singular noun.

Rule#11 Few nouns ending with ‘s’ only have a plural form when it has a certain meaning.

  • Customs (it means customs services at the airport),
  • Goods (things or merchandise, not the opposite of bad),
  • Arms (it refers to weapons here instead of limb)

So, we have learned basic tricks to remember irregular plural nouns, lets check the list of 100 irregular plurals.

Most Common 100 Irregular Plural Nouns List

We have made a list of more than 100 examples of irregular based on our daily uses. This list is provided with a remark so that we can remember easily. Let’s explore, 100 irregular plural nouns list.

Sl. No.SingularPluralRemarks
1aircraftaircraftNo change in aircraft, not added any extra letter
2AlumnaAlumnae‘a’ changed into ‘ae’
3Antennaantennae‘a’ changed into ‘ae’
4Apexapices‘ex’ changed into ‘ices’
5Axisaxes‘is’ changed into ‘es’
6armsarmsIt refers to weapons, not the limb
7barracksbarracksNo change in barracks
8basisbases‘is’ changed into ‘es’
9beaubeaux or beaus 
10binocularsbinocularsNo change in binoculars
11bisonbisonNo change in bison
12brother-in-lawbrothers-in-lawThe main word ‘brother’ is changed, no change in modifiers
13bureaubureaux or bureaus 
14cactuscacti‘us’ changed into ‘i’
15cardscardsNo change in cards
16chickchickenWord is changed in chicken
17childchildrenWord is changed in children
irregular plural nouns list one
Irregular plural nouns list one
18clippersclippersNo change in clippers
19codCod, cods 
20codescodies‘es’ changed into ‘ies’
21corpscorpsNo change in crops
23crisiscrises‘is’ changed into ‘es’
24criterioncriteria‘on’ changed into ‘a’
25crossroadscrossroadsNo change in crossroads
26customscustomsIt refers to the airport, not practices
27dartsdartsNo change in darts
28deerdeerNo change in deer
29diagnosisdiagnoses‘is’ changed into ‘es’
30diedice or dies 
31diseasesdiseasesNo change in diseases
32dominoesdominoesNo change in dominoes
33Daughter-in-lawdaughters-in-lawThe main word ‘daughter’ is changed, no change in modifiers
34economicseconomicsNo change in economics
35editor-in-chiefeditors-in-chiefThe main word ‘editor’ is changed, no change in modifiers
37Ellipsisellipses‘is’ changed into ‘es’
38ethicsethicsNo change in ethics
39faux pasfaux pas 
40firemanfiremenWord is changed in firemen
41fishfishNo change in fish. Fish sometimes changed into fishes based on the irregular plural noun rules.
42footfeet or foot 
irregular plural nouns list two
Irregular plural nouns list two
43fungusfungi‘us’ changed into ‘i’
45gamesgamesNo change in games
46genusgenera or genuses 
47glassesglassesNo change in glasses
48goodsgoodsIt refers to merchandise, not related good or bad
49goosegeeseWord is changed in geese
50grandson-in-lawgrandsons-in-lawThe main word ‘grandson’ is changed, no change in modifiers
51grousegrouseNo change in grouse
52guest of honorguests of honorThe main word ‘guest’ is changed, no change in modifiers
53gutsgutscourage, not intestines
54gymnasticsgymnasticsNo change in gymnastics
 There are so many worksheets for irregular plural nouns available on the internet.
55headquartersheadquartersNo change in headquarters
56jeansjeansNo change in jeans
57knifeknives‘fe’ changed into ‘ves’
58larvalarvae‘a’ changed into ‘ae’
59leafleaves‘f’ changed into ‘ves’
irregular plural nouns list three
Irregular plural nouns list three
60linguisticslinguisticsNo change in linguistics
61louseliceWord is changed in lice
62manmenWord is changed in men
63mathematicsmathematicsNo change in mathematics
64meansmeansNo change in means
65measlesmeaslesNo change in measles
66Minister of educationministers of educationThe main word ‘minister’ is changed, no change in modifiers
67moosemooseNo change in moose
68mother-in-lawmothers-in-lawThe main word ‘mother’ is changed, no change in modifiers
69mousemiceWord is changed
70nebulanebulae or nebulas 
71newsnewsNo change in news
72offspringoffspring or offsprings 
73opusopera or opuses 
74oxoxenWord is changed
75pantspantsNo change in pants
irregular plural nouns list four
Irregular plural nouns list four
76personpeopleWord is changed
77physicsphysicsNo change in physics
78policepoliceNo change in police
79politicspoliticsNo change in politics
80quailQuail or quails 
81rabiesrabiesNo change in rabies
82robbersrobbersNo change in robbers
84salmonsalmon or salmons 
85scissorsscissorsNo change in scissors
86seriesseriesNo change in series
87sheepsheepNo change in sheep
88shortsshortsNo change in shorts
89shrimpshrimp or shrimps 
irregular plural nouns list five
Irregular plural nouns list five
90Son-in-lawSons-in-lawThe main word ‘son’ is changed, no change in modifiers
91speciesspeciesNo change in species
92swineswineNo change in swine
94toothteethWord is changed
95trouserstrousersNo change in trousers
96trouttrout or trouts 
97tunatuna or tunas 
98womanwomenWord is changed
irregular plural nouns list six
Irregular plural nouns list six


So, we have learned a big list, around 100 irregular plural nouns which we use in our daily life. If you have any doubt please feel free to write to us. Refer to our most interesting articles

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