List of Prepositions in English with Examples

We will learn about the list of Prepositions in this article! Here, we are going to explain prepositions list along with a lot of examples, explanations, diagrams, etc.

Let’s delve into preposition list!

List of Prepositions

Let’s get into the list of prepositions. We have already learned so many prepositions, their uses, rules. Now, all the prepositions are summarised in a preposition list along with examples for clear understanding.

  • There are huge numbers of prepositions in English grammar.
  • The list of prepositions is captured based on the maximum use in daily life.
  • All the prepositions are listed here with individual examples.
preposition list example explanation
Preposition list example explanation

So, below preposition list normally used in our normal communication,

Preposition ListPreposition Examples
AboardIs your brother aboard the ship?
AboutDo you want to know about the story?
AboveThe ball is above my head.
According toAccording to the final result, Luma got the 1st prize.
AcrossWe walk across the jungle.
AfterI will go after sunrise.
AgainstI am always against war.
Ahead ofMira is ahead of Lina in the match.
AlongWe were running along the seashore.
AlongsideOur team is working alongside her team in the laboratory.
AmidNobody could see them amid the dust.
AmidstWe lost sight of the moon amidst the clouds.
AmongThere is only one red ball among the balls.
AmongstHe was amongst fighters who survived.
AntiHena seems to be anti of my profile.
Apart fromEverybody enjoyed the party apart from Rohit 
AroundThe earth moves around the sun.
AsRohini works as a teacher.
As far asAs far as you are aware, nobody can steal your bag.
As forAs for Rohan, he will not come today.
As perEverybody should work as per group policy.
As toAs to your habit, everybody praises you.
As well asYou should visit Paris as well as Switzerland on the trip.
Aside fromThe house is totally empty aside from the wardrobe.
AstrideRomi sat astride the dog.
AtI am at the corner.
AtopMinu reaches atop a mountain.
Away fromMost animals run away from us.
BarAll my friends attend the party, bar only one who was outside the country.
BarringBarring quarrel, we can progress.
Because ofThe school is progressing because of its efficient professors. 
BeforeI will read the entire article before leaving.
BehindShe was waiting behind the house.
BelowA beautiful puppy is playing below the deck.
BeneathA ball beneath the table. 
BesideRishi is seating beside Nita.
BesidesI have visited Paris; besides, I have enjoyed in Switzerland.
BetweenA peacock is dancing between two trees.
BeyondThis beautiful gift was beyond my imagination.
ButShe can do it but she is not here.
But forBut for the nation, everybody should work.
ByI have written a letter by pen.
By means ofThe bridge was made by means of four big pillars.
CircaHe was disappeared circa 1215.
Close toThe area is close to the river.
ConcerningWe have a meeting concerning our new venture.
Considering We can start the game considering all are ready. 
Contrary toBoth the drawings are contrary to each other.
Depending onWe all are depending on our parents.
DespiteDespite his efficiency, he is still out of the game.
DownRuma is walking down the main road.
Due toShe is happy due to her positive attitude.
DuringWe went to Cherapunji during the rainy season.
ExceptEveryone went to Sundarban except Urmi.
Except forMy all friends were at the birthday party, except for Simi.
ExcludingPlease count the number of students excluding Ruma
FollowingWe had tea following dinner.
For We all have to fight against corruption for a better world.
FromI am from Odisha.
Forward ofMihir is standing forward of Simi on the bus. 
Further toFurther to your advice, She went to the hospital.
InRehan lives in Rome.
In accordance withThe model is in accordance with Archimedes’ principle.  
In addition toShe needs two apples in addition to a pomegranate.
In between Riha seats in between her two brothers.  
In case ofIn case of an accident, we should rush to help.
Including There is a total of 200 people including me.
In face of She acts smartly in face of problems.
In favor ofNira is not in favor of Muna’s opinion, as it may not work.
In front ofPlease don’t park your car in front of my office.
In lieu ofTeam A took a cash prize in lieu of the cup in the final match.
In place ofSachin took a car in place of the cup in Adelaide.
In spite ofIn spite of heavy rain, they went outside to save a bird.
InsideA cat is playing inside our car.
Instead ofYou can buy a tab instead of a laptop.
IntoMohan jumped into the water to save a boy.
In view ofIn view of our company situation, we will take leave.
LikeCan you play like Sachin Tendulkar?
LessHundred less five gives ninety-five.
MinusFifty-five minus two results in fifty-three.
NearI am near to your house, please come down. 
NextHer school is near the market.
Next toI live next to your house. 
OfMay I have a glass of water?
OffThe flight takes off at 5 pm.
OnThere are two books on the table.
On account ofDon’t take tension on account of Rohan, think about Riya.
On behalf ofI am here on behalf of StudyWindows.
On top ofThe cat is sitting on top of the mountain. 
OntoThe bird jumped onto my head.
OppositeApu is lives opposite my flat. 
OutHima is out, she will come home at 8 pm.
Out ofRoni is out of the game.
Outside ofOur car stopped outside of the hospital
OverThe kite is over the pond. 
Owing toWe postponed our journey, owing to the heavy rain.
PastThe school is just past the bookstore. 
PerThe gold cost is Rs.40k per 10.8 gram.
PlusNine plus nine results eighteen. 
Prior toRevise your paper prior to submission. 
RoundMina, Rahul, and Sheela sat round the tree.
SinceWe are friends since childhood.
ThanThe tiger is bigger than the jaguar.
ThroughThe car is moving through a tunnel
ThroughoutIt was raining throughout the day.
TillApurba study from 6 am till 5 pm.
ToShe is going to Manali.
TowardsRahul is going towards the park.
UnderRimi is playing under the table.
UnderneathMy father put his mobile underneath his pillow.
UnlikeHis car is unlike my car.
UntilWe have to wait until the doctor comes. 
UntoSani improved her score from Grade B unto Grade A.
UpManu and Nini ran up the deck.
UponShe met an accident upon running the street. 
ViaWe went to Kolkata from Muscat vis Mumbai.
WithMona came with Rina to my house.
With a view toThe company has taken a decision with a view for making high profit.
WithinA cat is playing inside a box. 
WithoutWe cannot survive without oxygen. 
Preposition List

Types of Prepositions & List

So, we have learned a very long list of prepositions. Now, we can categorize these all in a few list,

  • Preposition List for place
  • Preposition List for Time
  • Preposition List for direction/movement
  • Preposition List for manners
  • Preposition List for agent/instrument
  • Preposition List for measure
  • Preposition List for source
  • Preposition List for possession.

Let’s try to understand individual categories of prepositions with lists and examples.

List of Preposition for Place

It implies where someone or something is located or placed. Let’s see the list that are widely used for the preposition of place.

list of prepositions of place
List of prepositions of place
PrepositionPreposition Examples
AtHey Riya! I am waiting at the door.
OnThe baby is playing on the table.
InLast year, I was in Rome.
AboveThe kite is above my head.
BelowThere are five cats below the table.
BehindShe was hiding behind my father.
In front ofRam stays in front of Sima’s house.
NearThere is a hospital near to the village.
BesideThere was a nice tree beside the cafe.
Next toRima is waiting next to Priya.
List of Preposition for Place

Preposition List for Time

It is related to time or period. Let’s see prepositions that are widely used for time.

PrepositionPreposition Examples
AtHer class will start at 8 am.
OnShe will be coming on Tuesday.
InLina went to Delhi in 2020.
ByRehan will reach home by 7 pm.
FromThe association is scheduled from 7 am to 9 am.
ToI was at home from Sunday to Monday.
DuringMinu was at home during the session.
AgoI met her two years ago.
SinceHe is in school since 2020.
ForI was swimming for 1 hour.
TillChildren play till 7 pm in the garden (formal use)
UntilThey play untill 7.30 pm in the garden. 
Preposition List for Time

There is a lot of preposition worksheet available on the internet.

Preposition List of direction/movement

It implies where or which direction. Let’s see prepositions that are widely used for direction or movement.

PrepositionPreposition Examples
AcrossBoby went to Delhi last Friday.
AlongWe went for a walk along the beach at twilight.
AroundThere many cats around my chair.
DownWe all climbed down the stair to the cave.
FromRohan is from Mumbai.
IntoThe dolphin jumped into the water.
OverAir India flew over the red sea.
OntoI slipped as I stepped onto the platform.
PastWe have seen many animals as we drove past the school.  
ToThe grocery shop is past the main road. 
TowardsNever walk towards the ghost house.
ThroughShe was going through pain.
UnderRubi is running under the bridge.
UpManisha ran up the top.
Preposition List of direction/movement

Preposition List for manners

It implies the way something happens or something done. Let’s see prepositions that are widely used for manners.

WithAishi is reading with a smile.
LikeShe acted like an angel.
AsRina works as a teacher.
ByMuna went there by car.
OnAll the workers reached on foot.
InWe left BE College in tears.
Preposition List for manners

Preposition List for agent/instrument

It means used for a thing which is caused for another thing.

It implies the way something happens or something done. Let’s see prepositions that are widely used for agent or instruments.

WithThe glass is filled with milk.
ByThis book is written by Rabindranath Tagore.
OnAdvik is working on the computer
Preposition List for agent/instrument

Preposition List for measure

It implies to describe a value of the measure. Let’s see prepositions that are widely used for measure.

ByTeam A has won the match by 15 runs.
ForDana runs for 5 km in the morning.
AtShe bought 5 kg apples at Rs.100/- rate.
Preposition List for measure

Preposition List for source

It implies the origin or source of something. Let’s see prepositions that are widely used for source.

FromReha got the news from the internet.
OnI heard the song on the radio.
InSomu read it in the newspaper
Preposition List for source

Preposition List for possession

It implies something is owned by something or someone is owned by something. Let’s see prepositions that are widely used for possession.

WithThe girl with mehendi is sitting by me.
OfDelhi is the capital of India
ToThe Rose garden belongs to Mohor.
Preposition List for possession


Hence, we have got the basic idea of the prepositions list along with a lot of examples.

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