Noun that starts with D? Definition, Sentence Examples & List

noun that starts with d sentence examples list

In this article, let’s learn noun that starts with D along with a lot of examples with meaning, list, and sentence examples for basic understanding. Let’s explore!

What is the Noun that Starts with D?

In simple words, Noun Refers to a name of a person, place, etc. It provides a clear concept of whom we are referring to while speaking. To understand the Noun Concept, we can go with an example given below:

Ram is a good boy.

This sentence has four words, and it makes complete sense. In this sentence, we understand that Ram is a noun because it is a person’s name as we know that any person’s name or any place name symbolizes being Noun. Hence, from the above example, it is pretty clear about the theory of Noun. We will understand and write about the Nouns that start with the Letter D in the current context.

Noun Starts with D Examples

“D,” a fourth alphabet Letter, has numerous words starting from it. Below, we will learn about all the types of Noun thats start with the Letter “D.”

  • Dace- A rare kind of Fish
  • Dacoit- A person involved in Robbery
  • Dad- We refer Dad to our father. There are many other synonyms of father, and amongst them, Dad’s word is the one.
  • Daffodil- It is a name of a flower.
  • Daggerman- It refers to a particular person who has a dagger (pointed knife)
  • Dairy- Dairy is known as a place where all milk-related products are made.
  • Dam- Referring to a place where big hydro projects are carried away.
  • Dancer- A person who moves on the music, and it is a beneficiary art.
  • Danger- Referred to a kind of unsafe situation.
  • Dark- Refers to a phase where nothing can be seen or visible.
  • Date- Each day follows by a Date, and all the dates are arranged in a calendar.
  • Data- Refers to a lot of usable information or documents.
  • Daughter- A mother gives birth to a male or female child. The daughter is referring to a female child.
  • Daydream- good thoughts or fantasy during the day
  • Daylight- A light that comes from the sun during the day
  • Dead- Referring to a body that does not breathe anymore
  • Dear- A person or anything favorite
  • Deadline- A particular time given under which the work has to be completed
  • Deer- the name of a wild animal
  • Delhi- Name of a city
  • Dell- A name of a Laptop brand
  • Den- A place where the king of Jungle (Lion) lives
  • Depression- A mind that is full of stress and overthinks
  • Diagram- A chart or a drawing to make understand people on any concept
  • Diarrhea- It is an illness caused in the human body due to some infection
  • Diabetes- A kind of Disease that increases people’s sugar level and it is hard to control.
  • Diamond- A precious and most expensive sparkling stone in the world
  • Diet- A proper healthy food eating habit
  • Digit- Referring to a numeric
  • Dinosaur- The most significant animal of the world which is not found currently
  • Doctor- A medicine practitioner
  • Dolphin- An animal that lives in the ocean or seas
  • Double- Two equal things are considered double
  • Dove- Name of a white bird
  • Dozen- sets that consists of 12 numbers
  • Draft- Writing that is saved for further modification or more changes
  • Dream- During sleep, when some good things come to mind
  • Dresser- A kind of furniture that is attached with a piece of glass
  • Drink- something that is directly swallowed without chewing
  • Driver-a person that has control of the vehicle to run on the road
  • Drop- Something that is left for falling on the floor or towards the downward direction
  • Drama- a performance done to entertain folks
  • Drum- An instrument that is hit by the stick
  • Drug- a kind of chemical used by the person for fun and gradually gets addicted to it.
  • Dryer- A machine used to make something dry
  • Duck- A short-legged bird that swims on water
  • Dung-Waste product that comes out from big animals
  • Duplicate- a thing that has the same look
  • Dusk- Last sunlight of the day
  • Duty- a work that is bound to be done
  • Duo- a combination of two
  • Dwarf- Small size than normal
  • Dynasty- Successors or Rulers that belonged from the same family

Noun that Starts with D Sentence Examples

  • Dace- Dace is a scarce fish that is found currently.
  • Dacoit- The gang of Dacoits robbed the people traveling in the bus to Delhi
  • Dad- Reena was blessed to have a Dad like him
  • Daffodil- The daffodil flower is full of beauty
  • Dagger man-The dagger man had a strange look and a short knife holding in his hand.
  • Dairy- Dairy products are effective for health.
  • Dam- The Dam nearby is full up of water
  • Dancer- Riya is an excellent Kathak Dancer
  • Danger- She was admitted to the hospital, and now she is out of the Danger
  • Dark- The Dark Tunnel looks very horror and pathetic to walk across
  • Date- The students have to submit their homework on this Date.
  • Data- In the desktop folder, all the data are saved, and it is safe.
  • Daughter- She is a precious and dear Daughter of her mother and father
  • Daydream- It is better to work for it than to Daydream
  • Daylight- The Daylight was very bright when he went to the office
  • Dead- A dog met with an accident and found to be Dead
  • Dear- He is a Dear brother of Riya
  • Deadline- Mouni was asked to submit her assignment on this Deadline, and there is no chance to fail
  • Dear- Deer is a wild animal with four long legs
  • Delhi- Delhi is a Capital City of India
  • Dell- They have been provided with a “Dell” Laptop for their office work
  • Den- The lion was sleeping in the Den when she was passing through Jungle
  • Depression- He has to be strong enough and should not go under Depression
  • Diagram- The Diagram made was clear and easy to understand the concept
  • Diarrhea- He did not come to school as he was suffering from Diarrhoea
  • Diabetes-The Doctor has confirmed that her mother is a patient of Diabetes
  • Diamond- She has been gifted with a beautiful diamond necklace and earrings on her marriage
  • Diet- Ram is following a good Diet and maintaining his health way well
  • Digit- He admits that this Digit is the luckiest for him
  • Dinosaur- The era of Dinosaur was exciting, and you must go through its documentary.
  • Doctor- The Doctor is a cardiologist.
  • Dolphin- A set of Dolphins, has been seen swimming in the sea.
  • Double- She is fond of Double Cheese bursts pizza and always crave for it
  • Dove- She saw a white dove flying in the sky today morning
  • Dozen- A dozen of Bananas was given to the monkeys to eat
  • Draft- He has saved that mail as a draft and will send it after making a few critical changes.
  • Dream-It was like a dream coming true for him as he got selected for the big company.
  • Dresser- Every day after waking up, she goes near the dresser and combes her hair.
  • Drink- He drinks water eight glasses a day, and that is enough for remaining healthy.
  • Driver- The driver was driving the vehicle so fast that he did not see him crossing the road and hit him.
  • Drop- While going to the school, she drops her money somewhere
  • Drama- The drama that he had watched in the evening was full of fun and entertaining.
  • Drum- The sound of the drum makes me feel more enthusiastic, so it is my favorite instrument.
  • Drug- Sham has got addicted to drugs, and now it is challenging to set him free from that.
  • Dryer- She bought a dryer today morning for use for her hair and clothes.
  • Duck- My son saw a Duck and her ducklings swimming on the water.
  • Dung- She put her leg on cow dung by mistake
  • Duplicate- The key that was found in his hand was a duplicate of the original one.
  • Dusk- The dusk view was mesmerizing, and I could not take my eyes off it
  • Duty- He was obeying all his roles and Duty very responsively
  • Duo- The Duo is making a fantastic pair.
  • Dwarf- He has a Dwarf dog, and it is adorable
  • Dynasty- Mughals are said to be a strong Dynasty that ruled for a longer time

List of Noun starts with D

  • Daddy
  • Dance
  • Daring
  • Darling
  • Dashboard
  • Day
  • Daybreak
  • Death
  • Dean
  • Deary
  • Decline
  • Decay
  • Decorum
  • Dead
  • Deadlihood
  • Decor
  • Decency
  • Decision
  • Declaration
  • Dell
  • Deafly
  • Defense
  • Defendant
  • Delicate
  • Demise
  • Demand
  • Dentist
  • Den
  • Dearth
  • Dealer
  • Deposit
  • Desire
  • Desk
  • Devil
  • Detergent
  • Dew
  • Dial
  • Diameter
  • Diamond
  • Diarrhea
  • Die
  • Diet
  • Difference
  • Dining
  • Dinosaur
  • Direction
  • Dirt
  • Discipline
  • Discover
  • Disease
  • Disorder
  • Disposal
  • Dissolve
  • Distance
  • Distribution
  • Dive
  • Doctor
  • Document
  • Documentary
  • Dolphin
  • Domestic
  • Donkey
  • Door
  • Doorstep
  • Dosage
  • Double
  • Doubt
  • Dove
  • Downfall
  • Dozen
  • Dowry
  • Draft
  • Drain
  • Drama
  • Draw
  • Dream
  • Drill
  • Drink
  • Drum
  • Dryer
  • Duck
  • Due
  • Duffer
  • Dung
  • Duplicate
  • Dusk
  • Dwarf
  • Dwell
  • Dynamic
  • Dynasty


In this concept, we understood the simple concept of Noun that is easy to understand for getting a clear view. Moreover, the context discussed the Noun that starts with “D” with their meaning and uses in the sentence. Lastly, many other Noun starts with the Letter “D” and are mentioned clearly in the current context. Check out our few most interesting articles,

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