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What is the Noun that Starts with H?

Let’s try to understand the noun that starts with H. The word Noun is an identifier. Any object, thing, or place needs their identification through which the reach becomes far clear. There are various forms of nouns used for the sentences. However, for identification purposes, proper nouns are used commonly. It is generally termed for being the naming words. There are a few examples mentioned below that will help understand the basic concept of the noun.

  • My name is Maya- In this sentence, “Maya” is considered a noun because it is a person’s name. An individual’s identification is essential from their name, and it is a proper noun.
  • I live in Mumbai- This sentence depicts that a person is staying in “Mumbai,” and Mumbai is the name of a city; therefore, it is termed a noun.
  • This is my Table- As table comes under the category of thing, it is termed a noun.
noun that starts with h sentence examples list
Noun that starts with h sentence examples list

“H” is an eighth Alphabetical Letter, and many Nouns are there that start with the Letter “H.” It gives many words that sound to be interesting and form a good sentence too.  In this article, we will consider the understanding of Nouns starting with the letter “H.” The example of words and their use in each sentence will help in getting the holistic ideas.

Nouns that Starts with the Alphabetical Letter H & Meaning

Let’s try to look at the meaning and synonyms of the commonly used noun that starts with H.

 Nouns Meaning Synonyms
Habitatdepicts Homes for all the plants, animals and Human Environment, surroundings
hailstormLittle ice balls that fall off from Sky Stone, hail
hallmarkthe sign of purity for an expensive metal Quality mark
hairThreadlike things grow up from the scalp or skin in human beings or animals Skin, thread on the scalp
handA part o the body used for writing, eating, and doing other important works Palm, wrist, arm
handbagthe bag used for Women for carrying the daily essentials Shoulder bag, clutch bag
handkerchiefA piece of cloth made up of cotton used by men and women for wiping off sweat or runny nose Tissue, cotton cloth
handleA part of the doors or windows made to help in opening it up Grasp, hold
handwritingDepicts writing in the copies with the help of either pen or pencil Good writing, writing
harvestThe period in which the farmers cut off the grown crops Pick, cutting crops
hata cloth made item used for covering up head in winters or for general fashion Headpiece, capt
hatedisliking each other is termed hate Hatred,
headHuman body’s upper portion consists of essential sense organs Top, front
headlineLines mentioned on top of News, Articles, and magazine Heading, caption
headmasterThe head person who gives instructions to all to be followed Director, principal
heartAn essential organ of the body that pumps blood in all the parts of the human body core
heatTemperature rising to the high Warm, hot
heroRole model or inspiration for others is known as a hero Actor,
heavenA place full of good vibes and beautiful scenes Paradise, beauty
highthe topmost where it is hard to reach Tall, big
highwayFully constructed roads that connect to the major cities are known as HighwaysRoad, national highway
hillHigh Areas High, peak, high ground
hinta kind of clues that help proceed in any work Example, idea
highlightThe overall flashback of an event Spot, climax
high schoolA school that provides higher studies to the students Secondary school, senior school
historyStudy-related to the past times are termed as history Past, story
hiveA place where bees live is called a beehive Beehive, bees place
hillsideIt depicts the Sloping portion of the hills Cliff, down
hideouta place that is used for hiding out Hiding place,
hobbyAnything that person loves to perform when they get free time Passion, leisure time work, interest
hockeythe name of the game consists of a small round shape ball and a hockey stick game
holdto grasp anything tightly ad not let it fall Grip, grasp, confine
holidaya period when a person has no office work to do and spent it on either vacation or for other activities Day off, break
homePlace where an individual sta either alone or with family Accommodation, place
homemaker A person who is involved in managing the home as a full time Housekeeper,
honesty Being true and honest Honour, integrity
honor It means giving respect to someone who has done a good deed Glory, honesty, tribute
horse Name of an animal that runs very fast and stays in stable Animal, foal
horror Sense of fear or feeling very afraid due to any activity Fear, afraid, terror, panic
hospital A place where the patient gets treated by a doctor The health center, healthcare place
host A person who is involved in entertaining the guests is are hostsEntertainer, part-giver
hope Keeping an expectation for something is hope Desire, expectation, wish
housewife A woman who is responsible for taking care of the home and managing all the household works Souse, woman, bride
housekeeping Managing all the works related to rooms or hospitality Cleaning, maintaining
house A place as a building or flats where a person lives with their family or alone Home, accommodation, place, home
hug Holding any person closely Cuddle, squeeze
human A body that performs all the bodily functions Person, man, woman
hunger Someone craving for or want food Crave, starve for food
hurricane Cyclones are violent and harm habitats Tornado, cyclone, storm
husband A man who is married Spouse, groom, partner
 hut A small kaccha house made for a short duration to stay Shed, shelter, home, kaccha house
Nouns that Starts with the Alphabetical Letter H

Sentences Examples for Each Noun that Starts with H

There are sentences listed below for each noun, and this will help as an example for an easier understanding.

  • Habitat- The natural habitat of birds is Nest.
  • Hailstorm- This place is fully covered up with hailstorms and looks like heaven.
  • Hallmark-Gold metal has a hallmark in it, and that is the symbol of its purity.
  • Hair-She has a beautiful hair quality, and she maintains it very well.
  • Hand- We have two hands that are used for doing all works.
  • Handbag-This handbag is made up of leather and looks of good quality.
  • Handkerchief- The teacher has taught us that we should use our handkerchiefs while sneezing.
  • Handle- Mira has handled the birthday party event of her brother in a very effective way.
  • Handwriting- The handwriting of Aradhya was so good that she got full marks on her handwriting test.
  • Harvest- Farmers celebrate the season of harvest as the crops get ready for cutting.
  • Hat-Ram lifts his hat out when he is furious.
  • Hate- We should not hate anyone as hating others and thinking about others pressurizes our minds.
  • Head- Maya was laying her head down on the chair, and suddenly, she fell because of getting unbalanced.
  • Headline- The news headline seems to be interesting, and we want to read the full article.
  • Headmaster- The headmaster of the high school is very strict, and everyone fears him.
  • Heart- Our mother’s heart is full of love, and she loves everyone.
  • Heat- The sun’s heat was extreme, and all the ice kept outside got melted.
  • Hero- He is the hero as he saved the child’s life without thinking about his own.
  • Heaven- Kashmir is like heaven for all as it gives a scenic beauty, and everybody loves the place.
  • High- Mount Everest is the highest peak globally, and lots of people have completed reaching it.
  • Highway- The highway looked very scary when we were driving because none of the vehicles was looking around.
  • Hill- Darjeeling has a beautiful hill all around.
  • Hint- The students asked their math teacher to show the hint so they could solve the mathematics.
  • Highlight- The highlight of his resume was looking very skillful and exciting.
  • High school-Our high school teachers are now retired, and we miss them very much.
  • History- The history of Maharana Pratap sounds fascinating.
  • Hive- The house of the bees is a hive.
  • Hillside- The hillside view looked wonderful, and we again want to see that.
  • Hideout- They were playing the game of hideout in his home.
  • Hobby- Riya’s hobby is to travel all around the world.
  • Hockey- Hockey is the national game of India.
  • Hold- Her father holds her hand tightly whenever they go to the market.
  • Holiday- This year, they will celebrate their holiday in Goa, and it will be full of fun.
  • Home- Our home is a place where we can stay peacefully free from stress.
  • Homemaker- My mother is a homemaker, and she works very hard to manage our home.
  • Honesty- Being honest is the greatest quality one should have in them.
  • Honour- The people of the locality have provided his honor because of his good works for society.
  • Horse- The horse runs very fast compared to other animals.
  • Horror- The conjuring movie was full of horror, and we all got into a panic after watching few scenes of it.
  • Hospital- Rehan was admitted to the hospital two days back after he met with an accident.
  • Host- The evening host is Kamal, and he will entertain everyone at the event.
  • Hope- His father has hope from him that he will become a doctor.
  • Housewife- Maya is a good housewife, and she efficiently manages all her works.
  • Housekeeping- The housekeeping department works very hard to manage the work.
  • House- The house of four-story and many families can live in it.
  • Hug- He hugged his father very tightly after his father gifted him a bike. s
  • Human- Raghav is a good human being, and all love him.
  • Hunger- Piu was starving from hunger and was continuously asking for food.
  • Hurricane-The hurricane was powerful, and it affected lots of people and animal lives.
  • Husband- Rohan is a good husband as he is very particular and takes care of all his responsibility.
  • Hut- The tourist made the small hut to stay for few days.

List of Noun that Starts with J

  • habit,
  • habitat,
  • hack,
  • hail,
  • hailstorm,
  • hair,
  • haircut,
  • hairpin,
  • hall,
  • hallmark
  • handshake,
  • handwriting
  • hanging,
  • hangover,
  • happening,
  • harping,
  • harpsichord
  • harvest,
  • haunt,
  • havoc,
  • hawk
  • hazard,
  • haze,
  • hazel
  • head,
  • headache,
  • headline,
  • headmaster,
  • heart,
  • heartbeat,
  • heartbreak,
  • heat,
  • heck,
  • hemoglobin,
  • hen,
  • herd,
  • heredity,
  • heresy,
  • heritage,
  • hero,
  • heroine,
  • hex,
  • hick,
  • hickory,
  • hide,
  • hideaway,
  • hiding,
  • hierarchy,
  • high,
  • highball,
  • highlight,
  • highroad,
  • highschool,
  • highway,
  • hike,
  • hill,
  • hinge,
  • hint,
  • hip,
  • hipster,
  • hissing,
  • history,
  • hit,
  • hitch,
  • hitter,
  • hive.
  • hobby,
  • hockey,
  • hog,
  • hold,
  • holder,
  • holding
  • hole,
  • holiday,
  • home,
  • homecoming,
  • homemaker
  • honesty,
  • honey,
  • honeybee
  • honeymoon,
  • honor,
  • hood,
  • hoot,
  • hope
  • horizon,
  • hormone,
  • horn,
  • horoscope,
  • horror,
  • horse,
  • horsemen,
  • hospital,
  • hospitality,
  • host
  • hour
  • house,
  • household,
  • householder,
  • housekeeper,
  • housewife,
  • housework,
  • housing,
  • hovel
  • howse.
  • hub,
  • hubby,
  • huckster,
  • hug,
  • human
  • humanity,
  • humidity,
  • humor,
  • humor,
  • hunger,
  • hunk,
  • hunt,
  • hunter,
  • hurdle
  • hurricane,
  • hurry,
  • hurt,
  • husband,
  • hut      
  • Hygiene
  • hypocrisy,
  • hypocrite,


The above context has a starting concept of nouns and the noun that starts with H. We have learned from the context about the various nouns used in each sentence.

All the Noun words have been categorized in synonyms well, and as an example, each word has been used in the sentence. Moreover, the context has been provided with enough numbers of Nouns starting from “H.”

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