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In this article, let’s learn noun that starts with ‘J’ along with various examples, list, a lot of sentence examples to understand and remember the whole subject matter.

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What is the Noun that Starts with J?

On this planet, there are innumerable numbers thing that exists.  Recognition is an essential aspect of items or for any person. To recognize the things we humans give everything, an identification name is quite an essential aspect. Therefore, when we recognize anything with a particular name is called Noun.

noun that starts with j sentence examples list
Noun that starts with j sentence examples list

In this context, the major thing we will learn about the Nouns that start with the consonant “J.” In an Alphabetical World, J stands in the tenth position, and it is basically a consonant. When any word is termed as a consonant, then, in that case, we can use an article “a” in the sentences. Now, we will emphasize the Noun aspect that consists of Letter J as an initiative.

Noun that Starts with J and Meaning

So, before taking this into a broader concept, we should first learn a few of the Nouns and their meaning to make it easier while creating sentences.

  • Jab- it means to attack suddenly on someone with a sharp kind of weapons or gestures.
  • Jackal- Jackal is known as wild animals that live in dense forests and feed on meat.
  • Jacket- Jackets are kind of short coats and have a full long sleeve in them. It is worn mainly in the season winter season to protect from cold.
  • Jackman- A man who is involved in the apparel industry and works for apparel printing with machines.
  • Jealousness- When a person is in the situation of being jealous is called jealousness.
  • Jealousy- A situation where a person gets angry or feels a bit is secured for any action.
  • Jean- It is a bit heavy cloth mostly preferred for comfortable attire.
  • Jelly is basically made from the fruits and sugar mixed in it and seems in a gel form.
  • Jellyfish- It is a kind of fish that is colorless and lives in deep water.
  • Jibber/Jibs- It is a state when the horses get stopped suddenly while walking.
  • Jingle- a kind of pleasant sound that seems like more than two bells are ringing together.
  • Jingling- using any object to make the sounds of bells ring.
  • Job- Any work that a person regularly does to order to earn his living.
  • Jockey- A profession that involves riding horses is known as a jockey.
  • Jog- Jog is an exercise in which a person is instructed to run slowly, and it is done to remain healthy and active.
  • Jogger- Any individual who performs the activity of running slowly regularly is known as Jogger.
  • Jogging- An activity that involves running slowly for a good time.
  • Joggle- a process of making a movement of any object at a small distance.
  • Joker- A person who dresses up in a funny way to entertain people is known as Joker.
  • Join- to make a connection from one to different is considered as join.
  • Joiner- When a person joins in wooden things for big apartments, flats, or commercial spaces are called joiners.
  • Joint- In our body, when two different parts get joined in one common place is known as Joints. For example, our upper leg part and the lower part get joined in the knee.
  • Jointure- A kind of a provision mainly started by the man to his wife to give her share in any property after his demise.
  • Journal- Any events that are being captured and mentioned in any dairy or pages are called Journal.
  • Journey- A long period when a person travels through any kind to means to the other places.
  • Joyrider- When any person rides for fun or for enjoyment is called Joy ride.
  • Jubilee- It is mainly a kind of celebration that people celebrate after completing a particular span of years.
  • Judgment- When one person gives an opinion for any topic or person, they are called judgmental.
  • Jug- A small container and used for containing water, juice, or any other liquid.
  • Juggling- When any objects are used for throwing and catching simultaneously in the air is called juggling. For example, a magician uses joggle balls to entertain the crowd.
  • Juice- A liquid that is prepared by squeezing some kinds of fruits or vegetables.
  • Jumble- An unassembled word given to someone to solve using the brain.
  • June- From the twelve months of the year, June is the sixth month.
  • Jungle- A portion of land in any area fully covered up with big and small trees. The jungles are mainly called the homes of wild animals.
  • Junk- Anything that is considered worthless, be it food or any other thing.

Synonyms of each Noun that starts with J

In all the articles related to nouns, we are trying to write up the synonyms as much as possible. The reason behind this is that synonyms help us use our minds to create relevant sentences. Therefore, as usual, we will be writing up the few synonyms of Letter “J” nouns.

  • Jab- Poke, Nudge, punch stab
  • Jackal- Wolves, Hyena, wild dog
  • Jacket- Wrap, covering, wool cloth
  • Jackman- Textile worker
  • Jealousness- Possessive, protective, suspicious
  • Jealousy- Desire, Grudge, suspicion
  • Jean- Pants, Trousers
  • Jelly- Gel, Clot, Coagulate
  • Jellyfish- Fish, Transparent fish
  • Jibber/Jibs- Refuse, stop walking.
  • Jingle- Ring, ping, Chime
  • Jingling- Clink, Rattle, Clank, ding
  • Job- Work, Position, post, profession, aim, occupation
  • Jockey- Rider, Horseman, Hoop
  • Jog- Run slow, Slow jump
  • Jogger- Racer, jumper
  • Jogging- Jumping slowly
  • Joggle- Bounce, jerk, jolt, agitate
  • Joker- Comedian, Comic, Prankster
  • Join- Connect, fix, attach, add
  • Joiner- Artisan, Builder, Craftsperson, Craftsman
  • Join- Join, Juncture, Link, Linkage
  • Jointure- Joining
  • Journal- Publication, magazine, news sheet
  • Journey- Trip, Tour, Trek, Cruise
  • Joyrider- Fast Driver, Reckless Speeder
  • Jubilee- Anniversary, celebration
  • Judgment- Perception, opinion, shrewdness
  • Jug- Water Container, Liquid Container
  • Juggling- Catching, bouncing, jerking
  • Juice- Liquid, fruit, extract
  • Jumble- unassembled words, confusion, hotchpotch
  • June- the month of a year
  • Jungle- Forests, woody
  • Junk- Clutter, stuff, garbage, waste, stale

Hence, we have mentioned a few synonyms for each Noun, which can be easily used for a new sentence creation. Now, we will start to move further with the sentences and the noun words included in them.

Noun that Starts with J Sentence Examples

  • Jab- He jabbed on my shoulder with the nib of the pen ad that hurt me for too long.
  • Jackal- Yesterday, while trekking in the forest, I saw a jackal resembling a dog.
  • Jellyfish- While walking on the beach, we saw a dead jellyfish.
  • Jacket- The outside temperature is shallow, and it’s too cold, so I have worn this wool jacket to protect myself from this cold.
  • Jackman-  Rohan is a fine jackman as he is an expert in printing good prints for the textile industry.
  • Jealousness- Jealousness is a terrible and unhappy condition because the comparing ability becomes more and this put bad impact on our health.
  • Jealousy- Due to his increased jealousy, he cannot focus on his good and keeps on comparing all the time.
  • Jean- I like to wear Jeans because it feels very comfortable and light.
  • Jelly- A shopkeeper near our house used to sell jelly in his shops, and I used to buy it when I was tiny.
  • Jibber/Jibs- Due to walking on the high valleys, my horse suddenly jibs, and I have to keep water always so that he can drink frequently.
  • Jingle- during Christmas, the sound of jingle bells seems very pleasant, and I love that season.
  • Jingling- Last night, I heard some jingling sound that was coming from the kid’s room.  
  • Job- Radha stays alone in this city to meet all her expenses; she does a job in a company.
  • Jockey- We heard that Rohan has become a jockey, so we want to participate in the event and see the horse race.
  • Jog- I start my day with a short jog and then move on to the next exercise. Jog helps me to feel free and active all the time.
  • Jogger- Riya is a good jogger because she is doing this exercise daily in the park.
  • Jogging- The doctor has advised Guru to start jogging to lose weight in some time.
  • Joker- In the circus, many Jokers can be seen and dress funny to entertain children and other people.
  • Join- As he is new in the classroom, we have helped him join our group and start studying together.
  • Joiner- All the joiner works of wooden things have been given to Shyam, and he is getting these contracts from a big businessman to earn a good amount of money.
  • Joint- Suraj’s legs got fractured due to getting hit by a cared, and his joints have also been affected. So, he needs to get treated in the hospital.
  • Jointure- as Hemant is suffering from an incurable disease, he has made a provision that his wife will get all his property after he dies.
  • Journal- I love to mention all the journals in my life and record them in my personal diary with the date included in it.
  • Journey- My Journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir will start tomorrow, and it will end after two days, so I have started to pack all the essential items.
  • Jubilee- Our parents are completing their Twenty five years of marriage this month, so we have planned to celebrate a silver jubilee for them.
  • Judgment- One’s opinion is good, but when they start making judgments about others, they cannot be called good attitude or behavior.
  • Jug- I use a Jug at my home for containing warm water, and the use of a jug makes it easy for me to contain it for a longer time.
  • Juggling- In our School, A magician was called to show us the magic, and in that, he showed us juggling a few balls that were not falling down.
  • Juice- Every morning, I drink a glass of Orange juice, making me feel fresh the whole day.  
  • Jumble- Anjan gave me a few jumble words and challenged me to solve them in a few minutes, so I completed them in a shorter time.
  • June- Neha’s birthday is in the month of coming June, and we are planning to celebrate by organizing a big party.
  • Jungle – Last Friday, when we were traveling to Assam, we came across huge jungles, and it looked very beautiful but scary.
  • Junk- My mother is very conscious about my health, so she always scolds me when I eat junk food.

List of Noun that Starts with J

Apart from the Nouns we have used in this context for making sentences, various other nouns will be mentioned below. These nouns will be helpful for the readers in improving the vocabulary, and they can also learn some more new nouns of “j.” Let’s start mentioning the Noun below:

  • Jab
  • Jabot
  • Jacinth
  • Jack
  • Jackal
  • Jacket
  • Jacketing
  • Jack-knife
  • Jack-knife
  • Jackman
  • Jack smith
  • Jacksnipe
  • Jackstay
  • Jacob
  • Jacobin
  • Jealous hood
  • Jealousness
  • Jealousy
  • Jean
  • Jelly
  • Jellyfish
  • Jimmy
  • Jenneting
  • Jenny
  • Jeremiade
  • Jerfalcon
  • Jerguer
  • Jib
  • Jibber
  • Jigger
  • Jimmy
  • Jingle
  • Jingler
  • Jingling
  • Jinnee
  • Job
  • Jobbery
  • Jockey
  • Jocularity
  • Jog
  • Jogger
  • Jogging
  • Joggle
  • John
  • Johnnycake
  • Join
  • Joiner
  • Joint
  • Jointer
  • Jointure
  • Jointures
  • Jubilate
  • Jubilation
  • Jubilee
  • Judas
  • Judgeship
  • Judgment
  • Judiciary
  • Jug
  • Jugger
  • Juggle
  • Juggler
  • Juggling
  • Juglone
  • Juice

The various lists of words have been mentioned above, starting with the Letter “J,” which can also be used in various sentences for referring.


In this context, shortly we learned about the Noun that starts with the Letter “J.” There are many words that start with J, and in this context, we have made it simple with the easier words including. Some sentences have been referred to for putting an impression on the easier conversation. We won’t start a conversation with Nouns in it until we don’t understand its meaning. Therefore, we have referred to all the simple meanings of nouns and their use in the sentences even to make that work easier. Hence, referring through it would be relatively easier for the readers as well as writers.

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