Types Of Noun In English Grammar – Details

Let’s learn Types of Noun!

Types Of Noun In English Grammar – Details

Types of nouns will be broadly described along with a lot of examples. This article consists of so many diagrams, images and one animated video. I hope, you will enjoy it.

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Types of Noun 

Types of noun, the most interesting part of the noun. We have already learned that name of anything is a noun. It may be the name of people, places, things, actions, qualities, or ideas, etc.

So, there are various different type of names comes under noun. Hence, it is necessary to categorize for simplicity.   

types of noun
Types of noun

Now how do we classify nouns? Let’s check the kinds of nouns.

Nouns can be classified into different groups considering the followings:

  • Based on function
  • Based on countability
  • Based on gender
  • Based on the number

kinds of nouns type
Kinds of nouns type

We will see all kinds of nouns along with examples for basic understanding. However, refer to the below figures to see the types of noun at a glance:

Based on the function, nouns are categories into a total of five types. Look at these five types of noun below,

types of noun function main
Types of noun function main

Based on the countability, nouns are categories into a total of two types, as follows, 

types of noun countability main
Types of noun countability main

Based on gender, nouns are categories into a total of four types, as follows,

types of noun gender based
Types of noun gender based

Based on the numbers, nouns are categories into two, as follows,

types of noun numbers main
Types of noun numbers main

What Are The Kinds of Noun Based on Function

There are five types of nouns based on function.

  • Proper Noun
  • Common Noun
  • Collective Noun
  • Concrete Noun
  • Abstract Noun

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Proper Noun Definitions – Proper Noun Examples


Proper means particular or specific and noun means name. Hence, Proper nounmeans a particular or a specific name. It refers to a single person, place, or thing and there will not be any common name of it.

For example, ”She is Riya and staying in Kolkata and love to spend time at Victoriya Memorial”. Here, the name of the person is Riya, the name of place is Kolkata and the name of thing is Victoria Memorial. These all are specific name and we call it proper nouns.

  • The name should be a proper or specific without any common name
  • Proper nouns always start with a capital letter


  • Minu
  • Riya
  • Dodo
  • Kolkata
  • India
  • Victoria
  • London
  • Paris
  • Mount Everest
  • Ganges river, etc. 


Examples Explanation
Lina and Rima are friends Lina and Rima both are the names of persons, hence, these are proper nouns.
I am staying in London London is the name of a city, hence, it is a proper noun. 
Sourav Ganguly is a famous cricketer Sourav Ganguly is the name of a person, hence, Saurav Ganguly is a proper noun. 

What is Common Noun? Common Noun Examples


Names of people, places, or things in general, are known as common nouns. A student can make a good result if they study well.

Here, a student means a general name and we can not identify any particular name.

Hence, it is a common noun. 


  • student
  • brother
  • sister
  • teacher 
  • book
  • pen
  • pencil
  • school
  • city
  • village
  • town, etc. 


Examples Explanation
Teachers make the basic foundation of a child Teachers and students both are common names since the name of the teacher or student is not known from these common terms. Hence, these are common nouns.
I am staying in a city The city is a common name of a place, it can be any city, hence, it is a common noun.
I have a dog at my house Dog and house both are common names, the name of the dog is not specified or the house number is also not specified, hence, these are common nouns.

What is Collective Noun? Examples


‘Collective’ comes from the word ‘collection’. Collective noun means a group or a collection of people or animals or things. Our team played well in the match. Here, the team means a group of players, so, it is a collective noun and one of the important types of noun. 


  • team (a group of players)
  • class (a group of students)
  • family (a group of members)
  • herd ( a group of cattle)
  • pride (a group of lions)
  • pack (a group of wolves)
  • cabinet (a group of ministers) 
  • flock (a group of birds)
  • shoal (a group of fishes)
  • army (a group of soldiers), etc


Examples Explanation
I love my family Family means a group of people, hence, the family is a collective noun.
Station has fewer crowds Crowds mean a group of persons, hence, it is a collective noun.

What is Concrete Nouns? Examples 


Concrete nouns are the name of people or things which exist physically and can be seen, touched, smelled, felt, heard, or tasted. 


  • person
  • table
  • chair
  • book
  • pen
  • dog
  • car
  • mobile phone
  • computer
  • mirror


Examples Explanation
What is the longest river in the world? River means physical existence, the world means physical existence, hence, river and world are concrete nouns.
House is made of brick House and brick both have a physical existence, hence, both are concrete nouns.
I have a very nice photograph The photograph has physical existence, we can see it, hence, it is a concrete noun.

What is Abstract Noun? Examples 


Abstract nouns refer to different qualities, ideas, feelings, conditions, concepts, emotions etc. which has no physical existence. We can’t see, taste, touch, smell, or hear but it is there.


  • truth
  • courage
  • friendship
  • lies
  • happiness
  • sorrow
  • time
  • humor
  • patriotism
  • danger
  • truth etc.


Examples Explanation
Lina has great strength Strength is a quality, which doesn’t have a physical existence, hence, it is an abstract noun.
She has an incredible love for poor people Love is a feeling, hence, it is an abstract noun.
Determination can change a life Determination is a quality, hence, it is an abstract noun. 

What Are The Types Of Noun Based on Numbers

There are two types of nouns based on countability: 

  • Countable Noun
  • Uncountable Noun
types of noun countable noun
Types of noun countable noun

Countable Noun -What Is Countable Nouns?


‘Countable’ means which can be counted. So, a countable noun means the noun which can be counted.   

  • We can use articles i.e. ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’ with countable nouns
  • Countable nouns have singular and plural forms.
  • A determiner should be placed in front of singular countable noun. These determiner can be ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’, ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘our’, ‘my’, ‘one’, and ‘which’.
  • Common nouns and concrete nouns can be countable. 

For example,

  • The tigers are playing. 
  • My Bicycle is nice.


  • book
  • pen
  • mobile
  • boy
  • girl
  • dog
  • person
  • table,
  • chair
  • Calculator etc.


Examples Explanation
Rima has five books Books can be counted easily, here, five books. Hence, the book is a countable noun. 
She has two dogs The dog can be counted easily, hence, the dog is a countable noun.
I saw two birds sitting on the tower Birds can be counted easily, here, it is two. Hence, the bird is a countable noun. 

Uncountable Nouns  – What is Uncountable Nouns?


‘Uncountable’ means which can not be counted. Hence, the nouns which can not be counted are called uncountable nouns.

  • Articles a, an, can not be used with countable nouns
  • Uncountable nouns are always singular forms.
  • Abstract nouns and proper nouns are always uncountable nouns.
  • Common nouns and concrete nouns can be uncountable nouns.
  • Few quantifiers can be used in case of uncountable nouns, such as: ‘any’, ‘a lot’, ‘some’, and ‘too much’, etc. For example;
  • She got a lot of happiness on her birthday.
  • A lot of water is coming from the tank. 
  • Do you have any salt in the kitchen?


  • water
  • rice
  • sugar
  • milk
  • oil
  • jam
  • salt
  • sand
  • happiness
  • freedom etc.


Examples Explanation
I eat rice at dinner Rice can not be counted. Although small grains can be counted it is not feasible. Hence, it is an uncountable noun.
Everyone should drink 3-4 liter water every day We can count the numbers of water bottles or buckets but not the water. Hence, water is an uncountable noun.  

What Are The Types Of Noun Based on Genders

There are four types of nouns based on gender: 

  • Masculine Noun
  • Feminine Noun
  • Common Nouns
  • Neuter Noun
types of noun gender types
Types of noun gender types

Masculine Noun – What is Masculine Noun With Examples


‘Masculine’ refers to a male. Hence, Masculine Gender refers to male beings. It may be boys, men, and male animals etc.  


  • Boy
  • Man
  • Brother
  • Father
  • Uncle
  • Actor
  • Prince
  • Husband
  • King
  • Bull


Examples Explanation
Rabi is my best friend Rabi is the name of a male. Hence, Rabi is a Masculine Noun.
Boys helped a street dog for treatment Boys mean a group of male beings. Hence, ‘boy’ is a Masculine Noun.
Brothers are always favored their sisters Brothers mean the name of a male being. Hence, ‘brother’ is a Masculine Noun.

Feminine Noun – What Is Feminine Noun with Examples


‘Feminine’ refers to females. Hence, feminine Gender refers to female beings. It may be girls, women, mother, and female animals, etc.


  • Girl
  • Women
  • Sister
  • Mother
  • Aunt
  • Actress
  • Princess
  • Wife
  • Queen
  • Cow


Examples Explanation
Rimi is my favorite actress Rimi is a female being and actress also refer to a female person. Hence, Rimi and actress both are feminine Nouns
Girls are very serious about their studies Girls mean a group of female beings. Hence, ‘girl’ is a Feminine Noun. 
Allsisters love their brother very much Sisters mean the name of a female being. Hence, ‘sister’ is a Feminine Noun. 

Common Gender Noun – What Is Common Gender Noun with Examples


‘Common gender noun’ refers to both male or female. Hence, a common noun means both male or female gender nouns. It may teacher, students, singers, and animals etc.


  • Students
  • Teacher
  • Bird
  • Artist
  • Speaker
  • Doctor
  • Friend
  • Teenager
  • Cousin
  • Colleague


Examples Explanation
Students are the pillar of a society Students mean it may be male or female. Hence, Students means common Noun.
Doctors are dedicatedly working to save the life Doctors may be male or female. Hence, ‘doctors’ is a Common Noun.
Indians have created a history in art Indians may be male or female being. Hence, ‘Indians’ is a Common Noun.

Neuter Noun – What Is Neuter Noun with Examples?


‘Neuter’ refers to neither male nor female. Hence, Neuter Noun means nouns which is not male or female beings. It may be apple, mobile, chair, etc


  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Book
  • Tree
  • Water
  • Sand
  • Star
  • Sun
  • House
  • Car


Examples Explanation
Pen and pencil can stop the war Pen and pencil are the nouns that neither male nor female. Hence, a pen and pencil are Neuter Nouns.
Kolkata is a beautiful city Kolkata is the name of a city and it is neither male nor female. Hence, ‘Kolkata’ is a Neuter Noun.
Sun gives light and we see around us Sun is a noun and it is neither male nor female. Hence, ‘Sun’ is a Neuter Noun.

What Are The Types Of Noun Based on Numbers

There are two types of nouns based on numbers: 

  • Singular Noun
  • Plural Noun
types of noun numbers main types
Types of noun numbers main types

Singular Nouns


‘Singular’ word came from single. The singular noun means a single person or place or thing. It may be a ball, a pen, a calculator, etc


  • Boy
  • Girl
  • Tree
  • Book
  • Pen
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Car
  • Mobile
  • Cup


Examples Explanation
A boy jumped in the water to save a girl Boy and girl both are single number i.e. a boy and a girl. Hence, boys and girls are Singular Nouns.
The tree is the best friend of ours Tree means a single number i.e. a tree. Hence, the tree is a Singular Noun.
The book is the best guide in our life. Book is a noun and here it is a single book. Hence, the ‘book’ is a Singular Noun.

Plural Nouns


  • The plural noun refers to more than one person, place, or thing.  


  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Trees
  • Books
  • Pens
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Cars
  • Mobiles
  • Cups


Examples Explanation
Boys are playing cricket in the field Boys mean more than one person i.e. two or more. Hence, boys mean Plural Noun.
Trees have life Trees mean more than one. Hence, ‘trees’ is a Plural Noun.
Books are the best guide of our life Book is a noun and here it is a single book. Hence, the ‘book’ is a Singular Noun.

There are few rules of plural nouns, which we will learn later on. 

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Hence, we have learned types of noun along with a lot of examples. 

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