Nutrition and Diets – Nutrients, Types, Obesity Causes, Habits

In this article, we learn all about nutrition, nutrients, and diets along with types,  and their details, diets and importance, causes of obesity, habits to reduce obesity, etc. are explained here.

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Nutrition, Nutrients, and Diets

Nutrition, Nutrient, and diets have been the most critical topics in today’s life. Our choice of food defines how we are taking proper nutrition and maintaining our diet. It is a fact that our body gets energy and the metabolism increases as per our food intake. We consider a balanced life only when we intake healthy food and maintain a good diet.

  • In simple words, we can reflect that our body is getting proper nutrition only when there is a minimal amount of calories present.
  • The non-maintenance of proper diet and lack of nutrition leads to overweight, and this keeps on worsening as not only do we gain weight, but also stress level, depression, and others become part of the day-to-day life.
  • What is the relation between nutrition and nutrients? We will learn all the basic details.
nutrition diets nutrients types obesity causes habits
Nutrition diets nutrients types obesity causes habits

This chapter can understand the importance and the different types of nutrients that our body requires. Also, we will be discussing the diet.

Nutrition and Nutrients 

The first thing required is to understand the similarity between Nutrition and Nutrients. Nutrition is said to be the process through which a body gets growth and the proper maintenance and keeps a person healthy for a longer time.

Nutrients are termed as the compounds that are necessarily required for the proper growth of the body.

Let’s discuss the types are nutrients a body needs on day to day basis.

Types of Nutrients


One of the most important nutrients of our body is carbohydrates. For the proper energy building, a proper carbohydrate plays an important role. The major role of carbohydrates is to transform glucose into energy, and this helps to function respectively.

When we explain carbohydrates, it is important to understand those good carbohydrates are considered for bodily functions.

Good Carbohydrates includes:

  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Fruits
  • Beans
  • Whole grains

Similarly, bad carbohydrates are to be avoided as it is the main cause that leads to an unhealthy diet and body-related concerns increases.  Examples of bad carbohydrates can be given as processed foods, white bread as well as refined foods.

Hence, lesser the bad carbohydrates and more will be the balanced diet.

When we intake the rich source carbohydrates, it increases the body’s metabolism, and our stamina for physical activities increases respectively.


The proteins are necessarily important for our body system. The reproduction of cells performs well in our body only when we ought to all kinds of proteins.

Importance of Proteins

  • It helps in the reproduction of our cells.
  • A protein in our body decreases the chances of infections.
  • Our heart performs well.
  • A good tissue increases.
  • Hormones-related issues decrease.

The process of making proteins depends on the amino acids. A good amount of amino acids gets produced through the food in our body. An adult body generates some proteins, and the remaining is required to be consumed.

Rich source of Proteins includes:

  • Yogurt
  • Animal Meats
  • Animal Products
  • Eggs
  • Soybeans
  • Milk
  • Complete grains
  • Cereals

Therefore, we understand the importance of the proteins and the types of proteins that have to be consumed from the above points.


When we talk about fats, our mind symbolizes that fat ruins our diet pattern, and the body gains weight. In reality, good fat is a required nutrient that helps our body absorb a lot of vitamins, and the vital organs of our body remain protected.

Hence, it is important to discuss the good fats and bad fats. Bad fats should be avoided as that undoubtedly are the reasons for the diseases. Examples of bad fats can be baked foods, pastries, fries, and deep-fried oiled foods.

Some of the good fats are:

  • Nuts
  • Fish
  • Avocados
  • Fish oils
  • Peanut Butter


Growing of our body depends on the vitamins that our body system gets. The food that we eat must be rich in vitamins as it helps to grow faster. In this context, we will understand the different kinds of vitamins.

The major kinds of Vitamins are A, B, C, D, E, and K. The variants of vitamins are essential for the different organs of our body.

Food that comes under

  • Vitamin A is Eggs, broccoli, spinach, melon, butter, and milk as well. Vitamin A is vital for our eyes as well as our skin.
  • Now, if we talk about Vitamin B, it has a lot of its variants, and those are B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9, and B12.

The sources of B1 are Potatoes, cauliflower, cereals, eggs, and grains as well.

The major sources of B2 are milk, okra, bananas, and cheese, etc.

Similarly, B3 sources are considered as Beef, animal meat, tomatoes, nuts seeds, etc. B5 and B7 have a source of yogurt, chickpeas, egg yolk, cheese, etc. B9 mainly includes grain products, and B12 includes all the poultry products and soy products as well.

  • Vitamin C includes mostly Fruits and Raw vegetables. The deficiency of vitamin C mainly causes gums bleeding and poor growth of tissues. Hence, the Proper intake of Vitamin C is essential.
  • Vitamin D includes mostly mushrooms and fatty meats. Similarly, Vitamin E includes items like almonds, nuts as well as vegetable oil. And at last, Vitamin K includes all the leafy vegetables.


The requirement of minerals in our body is equally essential for our body. The main minerals are potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium, and iodine.

  • For getting a healthy immune system, our body needs all these minerals.
  • A completely healthy body needs to accomplish these.
  • The intake of all these minerals helps our bones to stay strong and our muscles areas increases.
  • When we get all these minerals in our body, the organs work well and heal all kinds of bodily functions problems.
  • These also produce a huge amount of energy in our body, and the physical activity of people increases.

Hence, we can understand that all the nerves, heart, and other organs function well when we get all these minerals. When we start getting all these minerals, our body starts functioning normally.

Dietary Fiber

It is recommended to consume dietary fiber as this helps the digestive system to remain fit and healthy. Due to the consumption of dietary fiber, our intestines function well, and it removes all the waste from our bodies.

  • It makes the food pathway easy, and the foods can be digested properly.
  • Examples of dietary fiber can be given as peas, nuts, beans, etc.


For a healthy body, a minimum of 60% water consumption is essential. We all know that survival without food is possible for few days, but it is almost impossible to survive without water.

  • Some people recommend that drinking eight glasses of water is enough for a day and you get a good body. But we understand that this is not a fact.
  • Having enough amount of water with fruits and vegetables should have to prefer for a healthy body.
  • About this, Environmental factors also matter, and the activity level depends on that.

Nutrition and Diets Importance

Balanced health has a lot of advantages. Living a healthy lifestyle is way better, and it requires some effort to last long. When we talk about diets, it clarifies that we need to follow some Diet plans regularly to maintain ourselves. The food that we eat must be rich in every way.

  • Some different diseases and problems occur due to the non-maintenance of diet, and those can be considered obesity, depression, and other deficiency. Hence, related to this context, we will understand the diet charts and the plans that can keep us healthy in all ways.
  • The diet varies for different aged people. For example, a baby’s diet plan is different, and an adult’s diet plan is totally unlike. Hence, we can understand that diet plan varies.

In the current scenario, the data shows that most people face being overweight (Obesity).

When we are unfit, we feel

  • dizziness,
  • sleeplessness,
  • stress, and other problems arise.

So, we need to understand how obesity can be controlled as this has been considered a major problem.

Causes of Obesity

Here are the main causes of obesity,

  • Having more amounts of sugar and fat-related items.
  • Not exercising and burning the fats.
  • Environmental factors can also be considered as a reason for the obesity problems.
  • People also get the problem of obesity from genetics.
  • Not drinking enough amount of water daily.
  • Too much medication also leads to obesity.

Habits that Help to Reduce Obesity

What are the basic habits that help to reduce obesity? Let’s discuss,

  • We have to understand that obesity cannot remain to be the problem of a lifetime. Following of few guidelines can set a person free from being obese.
  • Regular exercising is away essential. When we exercise regularly, the fat from our body comes in the form of sweat and perspiration. Hence, a daily minimum of 45 minutes of exercise is important.
  • Enough Sleep: In the present situation, we have seen that people enjoy sleeping late and waking up late. When this becomes a habit, then the problem of obesity starts. The doctor always suggests that a person sleep a minimum of 6 hours a day to stay away from all the diseases and problems.
  • Changing Starvation Perception: Some people have the perception that if we starve, we will lose weight. But, this concept is wrong. When we starve, our body becomes weak, not thin. Hence, starvation is not an option to lose weight. A proper diet should be followed for a long time, which can help stay fit for a longer period.
  • Fruits and Vegetables should be preferred more as these are the main items that the doctors have always suggested. Raw vegetables and fresh fruits are must be included on the plate daily.
  • Enough amount of Water: A person should at least have eight glasses of water daily. Not drinking enough amount of amount arises several problems.
  • Proteins: When the intake of proteins increases in our food, it helps to keep us stay away from diseases.

Preparation of a Proper Diet Plan

Let’s prepare a proper diet plan,

  • For a proper diet plan, balanced food has to be consumed. The right proportion of foods provides the right about of energy to our body.
  • Good Calories intake should be preferred. Good calories keep our body maintained.
  • Consumption of Nutrients of every type is essential. The food that we consume must be nutrients rich.
  • Bodily Movement should be preferred. In our busy lifestyle, we just sit in our workplace and hardly move. This becomes a major reason for obesity and weight gain. Hence, movement should be done.
  • Exercises need to be done daily without fail. This helps around 50 percent keep us healthy, and the rest depends on the kind of food we eat.
  • They are getting help from the dietician and following the diet charts daily.

Therefore, in this full context, we understood that how far Nutrition and Diets affect our body. At some part of the time, following guidelines is hard, but it is required, and we have to understand that in this busy lifestyle, this has to be followed anyhow. A proper plan for anything helps to achieve the target.

Hence, to remain fit and keep our bodies healthy, all these guides must be followed.


Hence, we have learned all about nutrition and diets along with basic types, and their details, diets and importance, causes of obesity, habits to reduce obesity, etc. are explained here.

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