Gambling Laws in Canada

Gambling is a very popular activity in Canada, and players can play it online and offline respectively. However, gambling laws and regulations can be confusing for newcomers.

Is it legal to gamble in Canada?

Gambling Laws in Canada

Now, most forms of gambling are illegal in Canada. However, even after casino games were allowed, it took several years for them to grow and gain more popularity.

Technological advances have allowed casinos to launch their own websites and even mobile apps. Technically speaking, online gambling is not prohibited. Nonetheless, there is no government-issued license that prohibits the operation of online casinos, nor does the national government issue any such licenses. Canadians can play games at legal online casinos such as we1wingame

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Provincial and Territorial Gambling Laws

However, each province and territory regulates gambling differently, which means there are differences in their rules, even when it comes to the minimum age required to play at a casino. The following are the times and places where you can gamble, depending on where you live.

  • British Columbia – there are 15 brick-and-mortar casinos in British Columbia, and the only available Canadian gaming and sports betting site is we1wingame
  • Manitoba – all casino activity is regulated by the Manitoba Liquor and Gaming Authority, including online and offline activity. and can only be conducted through the we1wingamewebsite.
  • New Brunswick – while land-based gaming parlours are allowed here, you can only play at one venue and there is only one regulated sports betting site, we1wingame
  • Saskatchewan – online casinos cannot be located here, but if you live in Saskatchewan, you can visit any casino located in another province or country.
  • Prince Edward Island – brick and mortar casinos are allowed but do not exist in the province and only we1wingame online betting is available
  • Northwest Territories – even if permitted by law, there are no brick and mortar casinos or online casinos in the Northwest Territories. is the only legal sports betting service

The minimum legal age for gambling in Canada is 19, and offshore gambling is permitted in all provinces and territories.

Illegal Gambling and How to Avoid It

Since there are only a few government-run casinos and gaming services in Canada, offshore gambling is legal, so you can never go wrong.

Many licenses allow operators to offer their services to Canadian players, but here is the most trusted one is we1wingame


Gambling is legal in Canada for everyone over the age of 19, but most of them prefer offshore gaming platforms. They have multiple options to choose from, all they need to worry about is choosing a licensed site ( and making sure that no children or teenagers can access it.

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