How to make money with Texas Hold’em in 2023

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Texas Hold’em Rules

  • Players should understand how betting works in poker. Understand the terms bet, raise, call, pass, fold and all-in. Means passing and then raising in the same betting round.
  • Know what a blind is. Each hand has a small blind and a big blind.
  • Know that the big blind is the last to act before the flop. In each post-flop betting round, the small blind acts first and the dealer acts last. Know when the betting round ends.

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Texas Hold’em Strategy

一、Don’t be the first to follow through

Limping in, as the first player to enter the bottom of the pot is absolutely forbidden. There are two main reasons why this play should be avoided: If you raise, it is impossible to win the bottom pot pre-flop. Offering very attractive bottom pool odds to the trailing player makes it possible to face multiple players, thus reducing the likelihood of winning the bottom pool.

二、Folding When Uncertain

This sounds simple, but it’s actually very difficult to do, partly because of the way the brain is built. It is naturally curious and naturally wants to win. When a player folds, he or she forfeits the chance to win the pot and cannot satisfy the player’s curiosity by knowing his or her opponent’s undercard.

三、Attacking when the opponent shows weakness

Players don’t often overcall with cards that can call multiple bets. This means that when they check, they usually hold a relatively weak hand and will usually fold if they face multiple bets. This is the “bluffing” situation I mentioned earlier.

四、Play fewer hands and play aggressively

In no-limit hold’em, there is a limit to how many starting hands a player can play before the flop, even for the best players in the world. If you try to play too many hands, you will run out of chips.

五、Aggressive “semi-bluffing” with listening cards

An effective way to bluff is to look at the cards and decide whether you want to bluff or not. This means bluffing with a complementary hand that can be raised to the best hand on the backstreet, such as a straight draw, a flush draw, or even just a public card or two.

六、Protecting your big blind

The big blind is a special position because the player already has 1 big blind into the pot. For this reason, whenever a player sitting in the big blind is facing a raise, the odds of calling the antes are higher than in other positions – think of it as a discount.

七、Only if you think

Texas Hold’em should be a fun experience to play, whether you are an amateur or a pro. It performs best when it’s fun, so only play this mentally intensive game when you feel that way.

八、Play poker games without distractions

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