Preposition of Place – Basic Rules, Examples

There are so many prepositions used to express the place. We have already learned that preposition is mandatory to say about the position of place.

Let us take a box, for example,

You can stay –

  • At the corner
  • On the box
  • In the box
  • In front of the box
  • Behind the box
  • Beside the box
  • Between the boxes
  • Under the box and many more.

Below the box and many places with respect to the box. Hence, the preposition of place is mandatory to learn in English grammar.

Let’s, explore, the preposition of place.

Preposition of Place Basics

There are so many prepositions are used whenever we expressed preposition of place.

preposition of place
Preposition of place

For example:

  • At
  • On
  • In
  • From
  • Off
  • By
  • Above
  • Over
  • Below
  • Under
  • Beneath
  • Underneath
  • Near
  • Between
  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Behind
  • In front of

Rules for Preposition of Place

Preposition of place #1: AT

Exact Address: Whenever we talk about an exact address, preposition at to use.

preposition of place at
Preposition of place at
  • At 25/1 Elgin Road
  • At 50C AS Avenue
  • At 21/2 LG Martin Lane
  • At 25/8 SB Road
  • At 26/2 Rabindra Sadan

Example: Rima is staying at 25/1 Elgin road.

Exact Location:

Whenever we talk about an exact place, or a particular place, preposition at to use.

  • At the corner
  • At the desk
  • At the top
  • At the bottom
  • At the bus stop

Example: She is sitting at the corner of the room.

Specific places:

Whenever we talk about any specific places, preposition at to use.

  • At college
  • At university
  • At BLC Building
  • At Reebok House
  • At W.B State Building

Example: Nita is studying at college

Place where the event takes place: A place where any event is taking place, we use preposition at.

preposition of place at events
Preposition of place at events
  • At the stadium
  • At police station
  • At post office
  • At the party hall
  • At the seminar

Example: She is enjoying at the stadium

Preposition of place#2: ON

On the surface: Whenever we keep something on the surface we say, on the surface

preposition of place on
Preposition of place on
  • On the table
  • On the desk
  • On the book
  • On the chair
  • On the surface

Example: An orange is kept on the book

When something is placed as an attachment: Whenever we keep something like an attachment, we will use on

preposition on the attached mask
Preposition on the attached mask
  • On the finger
  • On the wall


The photo frame is attached on the wall.

The mask is on the face.

General address:

Whenever we talk about any general address, like GT road or Avenue, etc., we use preposition on.

  • On Camac Street
  • On DA road
  • On SA Avenue
  • On MG Road
  • On Satyen Bose Road

Example: She has a meeting on GT Road.

In the case of Transport:

When we talk about transport, like bus, tram, train, cycle, motorcycle, plane, ship, etc., we use preposition ON.

  • On a bus
  • On a plane
  • On a cycle
  • On a bicycle
  • On a ship


If someone is waiting inside the bus, we will use preposition IN instead of preposition ON.

Coast / River / Roads

In the case of coast, river, or roads, we use preposition ON.

  • On the coast of the Nile River
  • On the seashore
  • On the roadside

There are many other rules to use of preposition on.  

Preposition of place#3: IN

Enclosed Surface: In the case of enclosed space, where something is kept within that, the preposition in is used.

preposition place on in the box
Preposition place on in the box
  • In the box
  • In a car
  • In a lift
  • In a matchbox
  • In a lunchbox

Example: An apple is kept in the bucket

Large Space with Boundaries:

Whenever we are talking about a large space with a boundary, we use preposition IN.

  • In the garden
  • In the desert
  • In the boundary

Example: The elephant is in the garden.

Town, city, country, and continents:

Whenever we talk about any continent, country, or city, or town, we use preposition IN.

  • In Kolkata
  • In Switzerland
  • In Delhi
  • In Asia
  • In London

Example: We live in India.

When something is placed inside something:

When we talk about anything which is kept inside something, preposition IN is used.

preposition place in the photo
Preposition place in the photo
  • In the water
  • In the river
  • In the photo frame
  • In the milk
  • In the sea

There are many other rules to use of preposition in.  

Preposition of place#4: From

From a place.  

When we talk about ‘from a place’, we use preposition from.

  • From India
  • From Denmark
  • From Swiss
  • From the UK
  • From Australia


I am from India.

Preposition of place#5: Off

Leave from a surface,

When we talk about ‘out from a surface’, we use preposition off.

  • Take off
  • Get off
  • Off the table
  • Off the bed
  • Off the book


Please pick the doll off the bed.

There are so many preposition worksheets available on the internet for practice.

Preposition of place#6: By

To specify next to or adjacent

When we talk about next to or adjacent, we use preposition by.

  • Who is working by you?
  • She lives by my flat.
  • Rohan stays by my house.

Preposition of place#7: Above

To specify the higher level or higher than

When we talk about ‘something higher than’, especially if something is kept on the same plane, we use preposition above.

  • Above her head
  • Above my flat
  • Above water
  • Above the tank
  • Above the book


Water was above her head.

Preposition of place#8: Over

Something is above but not touched.

When we talk about ‘something is kept above but without touch and it is associated with movement’, we use preposition over.

  • Over the Ganges.
  • Over the river
  • Over the mountain
  • Over my village
  • Over the town


Howrah bridge is over the Ganges.

Preposition of place#9: On top of

Something is kept on a pile of something. 

When we talk about ‘something is kept on the table, and again one more thing is on that’ , we use preposition on top of.

  • On top of the books
  • On top of the stocks.
  • On top of clouds


There is a pen on top of the book.

We have learned, preposition ON, OVER, ABOVE, ON TOP OF, etc. but don’t be confused to select, check the summary to keep in mind,

Preposition OnPreposition OverPreposition AbovePreposition On top of
When something is kept on something and touchedWhen something is above something (not touched) but has some movementWhen something is over something but on the same planeWhen something is on something and one more thing is kept on it
A computer is on the deskAn airplane is over the mountainClouds are stagnant over the mountainA storybook is kept on top of textbooks.
preposition on over above on top of
Preposition on over above on top of

Preposition of place#10: Below

To specify the lower level or lower with respect to something.

When we talk about ‘something lower than’, we use preposition below.

  • Below his head
  • Below my house
  • Below water
  • Below my flat
  • Below the roof


Water was below our floor level.

Preposition of place#11: Under 

Used to specify the lower level or lower than but in the same plane 

When we talk about ‘lower level like below in the same plane and not fully touched’, we use the preposition under. It sometimes refers to the movement also. The use of below and under is almost the same. 

  • Under the table
  • Under the building
  • Under the tunnel
  • Under the chair
  • Under the sun


Water was accumulated under the building.

Preposition of place#12: Beneath  

Something is at the lower level but touched fully

When something is down of something but fully touched, use preposition beneath or underneath.  Beneath like under used same as underneath for formal use.

  • Beneath the bedcover
  • Beneath the pillow
  • Beneath the book
  • Beneath the shirt


The laptop is beneath the bedcover

Preposition of place#13: Underneath  

Underneath is the formal use of under or beneath

When we use under or beneath in a very formal way, we use underneath. It is used as the same intention as under or beneath. 

  • Underneath the bedcover
  • Underneath the pillow
  • Underneath the cup
  • Underneath the box


The headphone is underneath the pillow

We have learned, preposition BELOW, UNDER, BENEATH, UNDERNEATH, etc. but don’t be afraid to select, check the summary to keep in mind,

Preposition BelowPreposition UnderPreposition BeneathPreposition Underneath
When something is below something When something below something but on the same planeWhen something below something but touched fullyFormal use of under/beneath
A cat is below the deskUnder the chairThe drawer is beneath the tableUnderneath the table
Below under beneath

Preposition of place#14: Near

Something is near or not far away

Preposition near we use when we try to understand nearness or we can say, not far away.

preposition near
Preposition near
  • Near to school.
  • Near to the market.
  • Near to the road.
  • Near to the hospital
  • Near to the city


My house is near to the school.

Preposition of place#15: Between

When something is between two things

If something is kept between two other things, we use preposition between.

preposition between
Preposition between
  • Between the boxes.
  • Between two persons.
  • Between two elephants.
  • Between the hands
  • Between the boys


A deer is playing between two tigers.

Preposition of place#16: Inside

When something is inside something

If something is kept inside something or within an enclosed space, we use preposition inside.

  • Inside the box.
  • Inside the flat.
  • Inside the water.
  • Inside the church
  • Inside the building


An apple is kept inside a box.

Preposition of place#17: Outside

When something is outside something

If something is kept outside, we use preposition outside.

  • Outside the box.
  • Outside the building.
  • Outside the hall.
  • Outside the boundary.
  • Outside the garden.

Example: Students are playing outside the party hall.

preposition inside outside
Preposition inside outside

Preposition of place#18: Behind

When something is kept behind something

If something is kept behind, we use preposition behind.

  • Behind the box.
  • Behind the building.
  • Behind the hall.
  • Behind the flat.
  • Behind the gate.


Boys are playing behind the building.

Preposition of place#19: In front of

When something is kept in front of something

If something is kept in front of something, we use preposition in front of.

  • In front of the box.
  • In front of the building.
  • In front of the hall.
  • In front of the signal.


Girls are playing in front of the building.

preposition behind in front of
Preposition behind in front of

Preposition of Place – Work Out

Now, we will try to do a small exercise for the preposition of place and learn with examples along with explanations.

Let’s get into this!


Apu lives at 98/1 Raina road.

98/1 Raina Road is a specific address, hence, the preposition ON is used. 


His office is on Central Avenue.

Central Avenue means a general address. Hence, the preposition on is used. 


Apples are kept in a basket. 

Here, apples are kept inside an enclosed space, so IN is used. 


A pencil box is on my desk. 

Here, a pencil box is kept on the surface of the desk, hence, ON is used. 


Rima is at Andaman. 

Here, Andaman is the name of a city, hence, ON.


A rocket is over the sea. 

Here, the rocket is over the sky and it is related to movement.  


A cat is below the chair.  

Here, the location of the cat implies the location.  


A book is kept between two bags. 

Here, the location is between two bags. So, the preposition between is used. 


A kite is over my head.

Here, a kite is over my head, and over is the preposition. 


Please keep all shirts inside a bag. 

Here, bag means enclosed space. So, inside is used as a preposition.


Hence, we have got a basic knowledge on preposition of place along with all related prepositions, examples, rules etc. 

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