What are Proper Nouns – Definition, Examples & List

Let’s explore Proper Nouns!

What are Proper Nouns – Definition, Examples & List

Proper nouns are described along with definitions, a lot of examples, various images, one video to understand the basic.

Let us explore!

What are Proper Nouns? 

Let’s try to understand, what is proper noun? A proper noun is the basic pillar of a noun, will be elaborated in a simple way. We have already learned noun means the name of a person, place, animal, things, ideas, etc.

These nouns are classified into five types and proper nouns are one of them.

From the words,

  • ‘Proper’ we understand, it means ‘specific’ and
  • It implies specific person, place, or things, etc. 
proper nouns
Fig. 1 Proper nouns
I am reading a book
I am reading ‘Tintin’

If you observe the above two examples, the book is a common name or generic name, but whenever we talk about Tintin, it is a specific name of a book.

proper nouns tintin example
Proper nouns Tintin example

As Tintin is a specific name, it is a proper noun.

Proper Noun Definition, Examples & Meaning

Proper Noun Definition

A proper noun is defined as the specific name of people, places, things, etc.

what proper noun example
What proper noun example

Proper Noun Examples

Examples of Proper Noun are given for basic understanding,

  • Rahul
  • Gita
  • Switzerland
  • India
  • Mumbai
  • Indian Premier League
  • Buckingham Palace 
  • L D Building
  • Hotel Taj
  • Africa and many more. 

Sentence Examples of  Proper Noun :

  • Nita is swimming in the sea.
  • I know Rahul, he is from India.
  • Kolkata is situated on the coast of the river Ganges.
  • London is a beautiful city.
  • Minu and Tina are friends.
  • Simi has participated in Olympic
  • You will be surprised to see the beauty of the Taj Mahal.
  • Eiffel Tower is situated in Paris.
  • Asia is the biggest continent.
  • Eden Gardens is one of the biggest stadium in India
  • My office is in Technopolis Building
  • Victoria Memorial is so beautiful.
proper noun examples understanding
Proper noun examples understanding


A proper noun is always starting with a capital letter, wherever it will be placed in a sentence.

  • Mita is walking on the street.
  • Kolkata is a beautiful city.
  • She is in London.
  • He loves Shelly.

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Proper Noun Meaning & Examples

When generic, we use a common name but if the same generic name specifies a specific name, then it will be changed into a proper noun.

Let us try to understand proper nouns with examples & explanations. 

Common noun Proper noun Explanation
Man, boy Dodo, Rita If we say, man or boy, we cannot understand the person, but if we say Dodo or Rita, we understand the name of the person.  
Woman, girl Sila, Minu If we say, woman or girl, we cannot understand the person, but if we say Sila or Minu, we understand to whom we are talking about.  
Student Rahul, Tina If we say, student, we cannot understand the person, but if we say, Rahul or Tina, we understand the person.  
Doctor Dr. T Roy Doctor means we can not specify any specific person, but if we say, Dr. T Roy, we easily understood to whom we have to visit.
City, town Kolkata, London City means it can be any city in the world, but if we specify Kolkata or London, we understand these are the city where I want to go.
Country India Country means it can be any country in the world, but if we specify India or France, we understand these are the country which I have visited.
Game Olympic, World Cup Cricket There are many games, but Olympic or World Cup Cricket are two of them
Palace Taj Mahal So many palaces in the world, I am talking about the Taj Mahal
Month January, February If I say, I have visited Spain in a month, it can be not understood, which month, but if I specify January, then it’s clearly understood when I have visited.
Days Sunday, Monday Days mean not specific, but if I specify Sunday or Monday, we can understand the exact day.
River Ganges, Nile So many rivers are in the world, Ganges or Nile are two of them.
Book Tintin If I say, I read a book, you can not understand which book I have read, but if I say, I read Tintin, you can easily understand, which book I am talking about.
Film October Sky The film means you can not get which film I am talking about, but if I specify October Sky, you can easily understand which film I have seen.

Difference Between Proper Nouns & Common Nouns

The differences between common and proper nouns have been captured, as follows:  

Common noun

Proper noun

A general name like a boy, girl

A specific name like Rohan, Mina

The first letter is not capitalized unless it placed at the beginning of a sentence

The first letter always capitalized. In addition to that, there are many rules to capitalize words

Rahul, Tina


List of Proper Noun 

The list of Proper Nouns is indicated in the below table, here, more than 100 Proper Nouns are captured. 

Names of People:  Nita, Rahul, Minu, Tina, Bini
Places:    Kolkata, India, London, Paris, Asia
Months:  January, February, March, April, May, etc.
Days of the week: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc.
Holidays: Holi, Eid, Christmas, Easter, etc. 
Religions: Hindu, Muslim, Christan, etc.
Astronomical Names: Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. 
Journal / Newspapers / Magazines / Books: New York Times, The Times of India, The Hindu, The Power of Emptiness. etc.
Company: Mott MacDonald, TCE, TCS, Tata, Birla, DRDO, NASA, etc.
Institute Oxford University, IIEST Shibpur, Jadavpur University, Standford University, Cambridge University, etc. 
Brands Reebok, Dell, TELCO, HP, Apple, TCS, Wipro etc.
Palaces Buckingham Palace, Palace of Versailles, Mysore Palace etc.
Monuments Kutub Minar, Victoria Memorial, India Gate, Statue of Liberty, etc.
Buildings: The ACE Building, Technopolis Building, BD Building, MG Business Centre, etc.
Hyatt Regency, The Park Hotel, Taj Bengal, ITC Royal, Novotel, etc. 
Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, etc.
Nationalities: Indian, American, Australian, Canadian, German, Greek, Iranian, etc. 
Historical Periods Iron Age, Late Bronze Age, World War-I & II, etc.
Stadium: Eden Gardens, Wankhede Stadium, Lords, Melbourne Cricket Ground, etc.
Game Olympic, World Cup Cricket, Devis Cup, FIFA World Cup, etc.
River The Ganges, Nile, Misicipi, etc.

Proper Noun Examples in Sentences 

We will try to understand with a few examples and explanations so that we will have a clear concept of the proper nouns.


All students are scored well but Rima got little low marks.

  • Students mean the general name or common name; but Rima is a specific name of a person, hence, it is a proper noun.


I have bought a shoe and it is from Reebok.

  • Shoe means the general name or common name; but Reebok is a brand name of the shoe, hence, it is a proper noun.


Sushant Singh Rajput is my favorite actor.

  • Actor means the general name or common name; but Sushant Singh Rajput is the name of an actor, hence, it is a proper noun.


I live in Kolkata and it is a nice city.  

  • City means a place and its a general name, but Kolkata is the name of a particular city, so, Kolkata is a proper noun.


The Jungle Book is my favorite movie.

  • Movie means the general name or common name; but The Jungle Book is the name of the movie, hence, it is a proper noun.


Toyota is one of the best brands.

  • Brand means the general name or common name, it may be any brand; but Toyota is a specific name of a brand, hence, it is a proper noun.


Mount Everest is the highest mountain.

  • Mountain means the general name or common name; but Mount Everest is a specific name of the mountain, hence, it is a proper noun.


Nikon is a good camera.

  • Camera means the general name or common name, but Nikon is a specific name of the camera, hence, it is a proper noun.


Buckingham Palace is one of the best palaces.

  • Palace means the general name or common name; but Buckingham Palace is the name of the palace, hence, it is a proper noun.


River Nile is the longest river.

  • River means the general name or common name, but the Nile is the name of the river, hence, it is a proper noun.

So finally, we have learned one vital types of noun.

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Hence, we have got a basic idea about proper nouns, examples, and a detailed list. Any doubt, please let us know. 

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