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13th January, 2021

Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure Formula & calculation

Dalton’s Law of partial pressure is explained along with a basic idea of the partial pressure, dalton’s law, explanation, mathematical derivations, examples. Let’s explore Dalton’s Law! Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure Let’s try to understand Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure! We love to ride a bicycle since our childhood and when tyre pressure reduced, we […]

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3rd November, 2020

What is Thermodynamics – Definition, Laws, Applications

What is thermodynamics, the most commonly asked question in chemistry. We will explore thermodynamics, it’s basics, characteristics, etc. along with a lot of examples. What is thermodynamics? Let us try to understand, what is thermodynamics? Have you visited any thermal power plants? Or do you have any idea, how does electricity produce? If we visit […]

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