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9th April, 2021

What is Point in Geometry –  Definition, Types & Examples

Definition of point in geometry is well explained, along with simple explanation, different types of points, examples, etc. Let’s explore the point! What is a Point in Geometry? Points Geometry Basics Point is a tiny word that doesn’t have any size except the position. Points are denoted by capital letters ‘’P’’, or ‘’Q’’ or ‘’R’’ […]

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11th January, 2021

Square Root of 8 – Calculation Steps

The square root of 8! Don’t be surprised! It is possible with a few easy methods. We have already calculated the square root of perfect squares, like 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, and so on. But what about 8? Let’s welcome to a simple session, square root of 8. Square Root of 8 Let us […]

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5th January, 2021

How to Find the Perimeter or Circumference of a Circle & Formula

How to find the circumference of a circle or perimeter of a circle? It’s a common question for all of us, especially all school-going children. In this article, we will discuss the very basic principle about the circumference of a circle. A lot of diagrams along with examples, exercises are explained to understand the basic […]

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31st December, 2020

What is Standard Form in Math, Equation & Examples?

We will learn, what is standard form in math or equation in terms of various aspects, like circles, polynomials, quadric equations, line,s etc. A detailed understanding of standard forms is explained here. Let’s explore the standard form! What is standard form in math? Let’s discuss, what is standard form in math along with examples. As […]

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29th December, 2020

How to Find the Perimeter of a Square

How to find the perimeter of a square? It’s a very general question for children. In this article, we will learn the basic idea about the perimeter and perimeter of a square. A lot of examples, exercises, diagrams are captured to understand the concept. Let’s explore, the concept! How to find the perimeter of a […]

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20th December, 2020

Place Value, Chart & Face Value – Basic & Examples

Place value and face value are the most important parameters in mathematics. These two are the basic pillars of mathematics. Let’s welcome to our session to understand all the basic ideas! What is Place Value? Place value is related to the position or place, as the name suggests. We come across various numbers all the […]

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12th December, 2020

Square Root of 2 Calculation

Square root of 2! Yes, it can be calculated like other non-perfect squares. When we heard this square root of 2, we feel a little awkward as it is different from perfect squares like 4, or 9, or 16, or 25. The square root of any perfect square is very easy to calculate. Let’s begin […]

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8th December, 2020

What is the Square Root of 3 – Step by Step Calculation

What is the Square root of 3 or √3? It is strange, isn’t it! It is totally different from the square root of 16 or 25 or 36 and so on. We can easily calculate the square root of 16 or 25 or 36 but what about if we ask the square root of 3. […]

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17th November, 2020

Square Root of 5 – Long Division, Average & Equation Method

Square root of 5! Is it possible to calculate? Many times, we surprised and shocked as well. We know, square root of 4, or 9 or 16 and we can do it instantly but the square root of 5! Is it difficult? Let’s welcome to our interesting session, square root of 5. Square Root of […]

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