Improve Spoken English Skills – How to Learn & Speak English

How to learn & speak English as well as how to improve spoken English is captured along with various ways, practical examples & explanations.

Let’s learn how to improve spoken English skills!

Spoken English – How to Learn & Speak?

Learning a new language, apart from our mother tongue, is never a very easy task. Being fluent while speaking, well, that’s a different kind of challenge altogether.

But, nothing is impossible if you keep at it and follow a practical and systematic approach. The same can be said about becoming fluent while speaking English.

  • For most people, learning the language does not pose such a huge problem as much as it does while speaking confidently.
  • Most of the time, it’s not the knowledge that comes across as the obstacle; it’s the lack of confidence that makes things worse.
spoken English how learn speak English basics
Spoken English how learn speak English basics

So, what can we do about it?

This is where this post will come to your aid. Here, we are going to talk about a few methods that you can surely use to get over your difficulties in speaking and become much more fluent and confident seamlessly.

So, let’s take a look at them one by one.

Just Keep on Speaking

This is the first and the foremost important practice of all. To overcome the fear of speaking, you need to talk even more. That’s the only way.

  • Take an oath and dedicate a particular amount of time every day to speak with as many different kinds of people as possible.
  • If you are already living or studying in a place where you have native speakers, never fail to take advantage of this thing.
  • Make friends with a few of them and speak regularly. You can realize your own mistakes and learn from them.
  • Wherever you go, be it your school, college, market, or anywhere else, never hesitate to try out your skills.

Embarrassment will be temporary, but the lesson learned will be permanent. This can be a huge lesson to gain much-needed confidence for speaking fluently.

Listening And Reading Simultaneously

This is another excellent practice as it will train your ears to be much more adaptable to the language.

The more you will listen, the easier it will become for you to understand the different nuances and use them while speaking.

  • Listen to music, radio broadcasts, podcasts, watch movies, series, audio-books, or anything that interests you in English.
  • Your vocabulary will develop automatically, and you will have a better grasp of applying the newly learned words.
  • Apart from listening, you should voraciously as well.
  • Listen to TEDx, inspiration videos, science fiction.
  • Listen to live commentary, news, etc.
spoken English listening skills
Spoken English listening skills

This will build your stock of words, improve your expressions and make you much more knowledgeable than before.

Read Loudly 

This is another practice to help to learn spoken English easily.

  • Make a habit a loud reading habit.
  • It helps two things, one is clear pronunciation and train to ears.
  • Proper listening helps to speak properly.

Have Your Own Spoken-English Cheat Sheets

While learning stays in its place, your day-to-day life and its challenges will be there as well. You need to tackle them too, but that doesn’t mean you cannot learn at the same time.

  • As a matter of fact, if you can prepare your own cheat-sheets, you can learn, and at the same time, you can manage your daily affairs.
  • Suppose you need to go to the dentist, take up a piece of paper and do some research about the possible words and expressions you might need to book an appointment at the clinic.
  • This method will not just help you tackle the situation but will also develop a new habit of researching stuff whenever needed.

With due time, you will not need the cheat sheets anymore as you will be able to incorporate all your learning on your own.

Try to Dig up Phrases Rather than Lone Words

Learning a few new words is not enough; using them correctly and fluently is the goal here. So, instead of just learning some lone words, make sure you learn a few phrases that can be used in your daily conversation.

  • This will make your speech much more interesting and give you the freedom to freely and confidently converse as well.
  • You just have to know which expressions are ideal for a formal conversation and which are perfect for the informal situation.

Seek Help from Your Family and Friends

Sometimes the greatest help can come from your most close and loved ones. Isn’t it?

  • If you are not living in a place where you can get a lot of native people to talk and practice, you can ask your family members or your friends to help you out.
  • All you need to do is figure out a time to speak with them in English and practice.
  • This can happen over the phone as well.
  • Like, if you don’t get to meet them so often or don’t feel the confidence to speak face to face, the phone conversation can help you as well.
spoken English help from family
Spoken English help from family

Since over the phone you don’t get to see the person’s face on the other end or their body language, you will have to use your speech only to communicate.

This will compel you to make your speech better and, therefore, will become a helpful practice.

Do You Have A Mirror? Just Talk in Front of It

Speaking in front of the mirrors is a great practice to improve your confidence while speaking in English.

  • Most of the time, when we speak face to face with someone, we tend to feel shy, intimidated, or embarrassed.
  • This is something that you can change if you speak in front of the mirror.
  • There you can just see yourself, and your innate shyness will not be of any use.
  • Speaking in front of the mirror will also allow you to hear your own expressions and intonation of your voice.
  • This will help you understand your own body language better.

Remember, being fluent in English is not just about speaking the language correctly but also about becoming confident with your body language.

spoken English talk mirror
Spoken English talk mirror

Record Your Voice and Listen

I know most people hate hearing their own voice recorded. But it can be immensely beneficial for learning the English language.

  • Firstly, you will realize a lot of things when you will hear yourself speaking.
  • The mistakes or the mumbling, which are otherwise often overlooked, will be revealed in front of you.
  • Plus, this can boost your confidence level as well.
  • When you hear the recording, you will realize that your speech is not as bad as you might have thought.

Also, if you are doing some courses or learning through some programs or institutes, you can use the recordings to show to your teachers or some native speakers.

By hearing the piece, they can surely share their opinion about your English speaking skills. This is one of the fast method about how to learn & speak English!

Try to Think in English

Doing this is not as easy as saying. Thinking in a foreign language that is not your mother tongue takes more time than you think it might.

But if you constantly practice it, nothing can be better than this.

  • The time when you can think in English, you will automatically become fluent since you don’t have to translate your speech all the time in your head from your mother tongue before you utter even a single word.
  • When you can bypass your mother tongue and start speaking directly by thinking in English, the quality of your speech will automatically improve.
  • Plus, you will fumble a lot less, and the intermediate gap or pause while speaking will also vanish automatically.

Most people suffer from this problem while speaking in English because they are constantly translating from their mother tongue.

Use Technology

Now a day, there are so many mobile apps available to increase spoken English. You can use them to learn spoken English easily.

  • It gives actual pronunciation, how to speak, ways, etc.
  • You can record your voice in the application & correct it as required.
  • You can do many exercises, as most of the apps have the same option.

Watch Movies

Watching movies helps to speak English better. Initially, you may face little difficulties to listen properly, as you may not be habituated with the words or pronunciation they use.

spoken English how learn speak English watching movies
Spoken English how learn speak English watching movies

However, don’t worry,

  • Watch the same movie multiple times.
  • Try to understand the overall meaning.
  • Start from easy movies, like The October Sky or Titanic, etc, based on your area of interest.
  • Give full concentration.
  • Try to speak the story to your friends.

Never Disappointed

It is easy to be disappointed when we make mistakes! In case of spoken English or any learning process, you should not be disappointed throughout the process. It is just like your first step to work when you were a baby!

You will fall several times and then only you will start walking!

  • People may laugh, ignore it. Do your part!
  • Friends may laugh, ignore it. Do your work!
  • You will make mistakes, and people will try to disappoint you, simply enjoy it!

Believe Yourself

It is a very vital point to believe in yourself. Remember, if you don’t believe that you can speak English, how do other people believe you?

Just believe yourself & work hard!

Grammatical Problems

When I tried to speak, my first and foremost problem lies in the errors in English grammar. I always thought if I make grammatical mistakes during speaking English!

  • Please please please ignore these errors at the initial stage.
  • Speak with errors, no problem.
  • Grammatical errors can be corrected once your fluency comes, it will not hurt your spoken English!
  • Once you are through to speak English, and quite fluent, learn the basics and rules in English Grammar.

Group Discussion

Take part in a group discussion, and it helps to think as well as speak English.

  • It’s better to have a basic idea of the topic, at the initial stage.
  • You have to contribute your points.
  • You will have to listen to many justifications, pros, and cons.
  • It is basically both way communication which helps to grow your spoken English.
spoken English group discussion
Spoken English group discussion

Talk to Yourself through Phone

Are you surprised to see how do you talk to yourself over the phone? Don’t worry, you don’t need to talk in reality, just you need to act!

  • During your evening walk, take your mobile phone and headphone.
  • Now, use your headphone and start talking.
  • Think someone called you and you are talking to each other.
  • It should be like our original communications.

Help from Children

You may think, taking help from children is worth it or not! It is 100% worth, at least no harm! Now a days, children are very smart also, if you make any mistake, they will instantly point out that pronunciation is not correct!

spoken English take help from children
Spoken English take help from children
  • So, take advantage & learn.
  • They use very easy words, sentences, and they will ask you 1000 questions.
  • Play various games with them, and try to spend more time.
  • You will not be able to understand when your spoken English is improved.

Easy things First

Don’t try hard things first, which will distract you from your goals. Try always,

  • It should be very easy.
  • It should be very interesting.

Learn a word every day

Try to use a new word every day in your spoken English. But don’t try to remember the word, instead, try to understand how the word is formed and then try to use them.

  • You will never forget the word.
  • You can easily use in your spoken English.

For example, do you know the meaning of ABASE! Here, base means down or lower so abase means down or lower or degrade! Isn’t simple! We will make separate articles on that later on.

Have Fun!

This is perhaps the most important exercise of all. No learning can be completed if you are not having fun.

  • If the learning process weighs upon you, then it can never bring good results.
  • You need to relax and take it as sportingly as possible. Stress is always contrary to better learning.
  • That is, instead of just reading books or journals, you should also watch videos, English movies, cartoons, listen to English music, and learn the language in the most interactive manner possible.

Make sure it never becomes a burden or something that matters more than life itself!

Additional Points for Spoken English

There are few additional points illustrated to understand how to learn & speak English and improve your spoken English.

  • There are so many audiobooks available on the internet, listen to them.
  • Use podcasts.
  • Listen to drama, TEDx, interviews of world-famous persons.
  • Listen to the radio regularly.
  • Listen to music with subtitles.
  • Add in social groups, as there are many groups available to learn spoken English.
  • You can take admission in reputed English learning center like British Council if you don’t have a monetary problem.
  • You can appear ILETS test also to check your score.

Final Words of Advice

There can never be a set of hard and fast rules to learn anything. This is because every individual is unique, and they learn in their own way and at their own pace.

So, to truly become fluent in whatever you are doing, you need to find your own way, a way that works best for you.

The same can be said about improving your spoken English as well. No one is discouraging you from going for a professional course, but following the tips mentioned above will surely help you learn speaking in English faster, and that’s the goal here, isn’t it?


So, we have explored how to learn & speak English! Always remember, the true goal of using a language is communication and not grammar. So, you need to focus more on the communication part if you wish to be more fluent while speaking English. There are a lot of ways to learn English as well.

Well, what’s your approach? If you have any tips of your own, mention that in the comments below and continue this discussion.

Till then, happy learning spoken-English.

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