The Story of Lamar Jackson Trade and Lamar Jackson Girlfriend

Lamar Jackson Contract and Trade

For the Baltimore Ravens, the worst-case scenario regarding Lamar Jackson has already happened: The star quarterback wants out.

Revealing on Twitter Monday that he had asked for a trade amid long-stalled contract talks with the team, the 2019-20 Associated Press NFL MVP made it clear he wasn’t happy.Last season and this offseason, Jackson’s true feelings have never been clear about the status of contract negotiations or how he feels about the team that drafted him and went all out to help him realize his full potential.

Jackson put an end to the speculation. As a result, the relationship between Jackson and the Ravens could quickly get messy.

Jackson and the Ravens’ top decision makers no doubt disagree on his value, and for the first time he has shown a willingness to put the team in explosive condition. On Monday, Jackson crossed that line while also signaling his willingness to apply more pressure in hopes that the Ravens could avoid an ugly public spat by meeting his trade demands.

The truth is, both sides have been going this way.

From the moment the Cleveland Browns gave quarterback Deshaun Watson a fully guaranteed, record $230 million contract, the Ravens knew they had a big problem because Jackson had accomplished more than Watson. When standout players negotiate new contracts with clubs, the starting point is usually the contracts of comparable players.

Objectively speaking, Jackson is entitled to a bigger contract than Watson. The Ravens are aware of that, too.

Who is Lamar Jackson’s girlfriend?

Jackson’s girlfriend, Jamie Taylor, has been dating since he was a student at the University of Louisville. Both Jackson and Taylor liked to keep their relationship low-key and out of the public eye, so that’s why people noticed there wasn’t much detailed information about her or their relationship.There are no images of Jackson on any of her social media platforms, no press photos or photos of them together at any event.

So far, Taylor’s identity has largely remained a mystery, but hopefully in the future, when we see her cheering or her man at a game, we’ll see her in the spotlight.

What is Jaime Taylor’s age?

Details about her birthday are not yet available, but given Jackson is 22, Jamie is probably in her 20s.

What is Jamie Taylor’s race?

Jamie Taylor’s race is black.

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