Tips To Build Reading Habit of Kids

Tips to build reading habit, will be discussed in details. Reading is a term that is directly or indirectly linked to the life of a person. Many kids have a good reading habit, they study well & make their future bright. But many kids were not able to build this habit and they didn’t get the key of success. Now building this habit of a kid is very challenging. I have cited a few key tips to build this habit based on my experience.

Let’s explore ‘tips to build reading habit of kids!

Tips to Build Reading Habit at Base

We all made a mistake in our life that when a baby is growing, we never care about the study or their culture but when they become a kid, suddenly, we become serious for their study. Here, we must know that culture grows when they are very little. They see parents, families, all around everything & learn gradually. We must be very careful about this & keep the followings in mind:

  • If you are fond of positive activity, your kids may have also the same.
  • If you are fond of music, your kids may fond of it.
  • If you are fond of study, your kids may have an interest in it.
  • If you are fond of drawing, your kids may have an interest in it.
  • If you are fond of singing, your kids may fond of it.
  • In the same way, if you have a reading habit, your kids may have the same.

Remember the same is 100% applicable for negative things as well. If you are using mobile continuously, your kids will be attracted to it 100% guaranteed.

When they are at age of 4-5months

This time they are very small, they can not understand books or stories but they can listen to music and enjoy it. You can play any musical instrument in front of them. This music should be soft and sweet. They will listen and attracted. 
It will become a habit of listening, which is the main parameter in our life. If they are angry, you can play music to calm them down.

Parents habit to be changed

We know the basic education of kids starts at home, especially parents & grandparents.  Hence, parents should be cautious and must build a habit that they wanted to build within their kids.

  • If you want to build a habit of brushing teeth before bed and tell your kid to do it regularly. It will not work. Just you must build this habit first to your own before changing them.  
  • If you want to build a habit of reading, you must adopt this habit first.
  • If you have a good food habit, your kids will have the same.

Parents should build good habits. This is one of the tips to build reading habit.

Refer our another nice article to concentrate on the study.
All negative habits should be stopped by parents.

Introduction to Animals, Birds

Animals and birds are the most beautiful creatures in the universe. Kids learned very fast which they see, which they listen to. It is very much necessary to introduce animals or birds in our life.

  • Show a dog, and tell how dogs are nice, what they do, how they are our friends, what they eat, etc.
  • Show cat, and tell them all about.
  • Show the butterfly and tell the story.
  • Show a bird, tell that they have parents, they have nested, they sing songs, they have kids, etc.
  • Increase interest in animals, birds, and help to love them.
  • Help them to feed animals or birds.

Loving them will help to build a good emotion & it will be easy for them to remember. They will learn all about animals, birds which will be easy for them when they will read it in the books.

Introduction to Colors

If you bring a book and try to teach the various color to your kids, it may not be interesting. Simply, go out and show them various colors.

  • Show grasses, parrot and tell its a green color
  • Show a white cow & tell its white color
  • Show a common myna and tell its brown color
  • Show various trees, flowers & introduce all colors.

It will help to grow interested in nature and will learn colors very quickly. It helps to build strong emotions too.

Painting and Coloring

Colouring is a nice choice to increase concentration, patience, and make everyone happy. Like us, kids also love coloring. They are always excited to make the color, it may be walls or books. Whenever they will get and whatever they will get, they simply try to make it color.

  • Give a sketch of a bird and tell them to color.
  • They will learn all those things which they will color
  • Make sure you will sit with them, and make color as well.

Study with Parents

In the beginning, when a kid is studying, it is required to sit with them & you also have to read. They should not feel that reading is a challenge and it’s a boring task.

  • If parents are concentrated on reading, kids automatically will do it.
  • If parents’ study with surfing mobile, the kid will take that in their learning too.

Spend time with Grandparents

If you are spending time with your parents, your kids will spend time with you and this culture will continue from generation to generation. If you are not spending time with your parents, or not helping them or hurt them, the same thing will come to you also one day.

Remember learning starts from parents grandparents or home.

Story Telling

Kids are very interested to listen to stories. All kids have the same tendency. However, many kids change when they are growing up based on the family atmosphere. It’s a great opportunity for parents or grandparents to have this habit. You have to tell a short interesting story which they will listen to and force you to tell more & more.

  • Today you are telling a story of a tiger, its families.
  • Tomorrow a story of a bird.
  • Then story of selfish giant etc.
  • I am sure, the next day, if you don’t tell a story, your kid will ask you 100 times.
  • With this story, you can teach them a lot of lessons, which will indirectly help them to build a reading habit. 

Allure them for Story

Allure them for a news story, not for a toy or chocolate. That they will be given but not in the cost of study. Tell then if you finish your task, will tell you a fairy story.


There are so many beautiful poems available, try to read in front of them. All poems have a nice story, a nice message, tell them. Build a habit of reading poems, which will induce your kids.

Make Study as Habit

If your family has a reading habit, your kids will have the same. Make reading a habit like eating, bathing, sleeping, you will see a positive atmosphere will be induced all around.

Books with Picture

I remember my old days. I was so happy if my books have pictures of tigers or bears or snakes or giants. I simply imagine the scenario. Hence, it is highly recommended to have books with pictures. It will help:

  • Visualization of the pictures
  • Help to expand the brain in terms of imaginations
  • Increase interest to read
  • Understand the looks, ideas

No compromise with Books

Many parents buy books which are only essentials in their schools. They never buy additional books which are not in school. When kids are growing up, then only they buy various books to have good knowledge.

It is very essential to buy books when they are small, it is not only to study but also to have a good habit. Remember:

  • Parents should not compromise with the books.
  • You must build a habit in such a way that kids will ask for books.

Spend time in Library

You have to go to the library and take your kids as well. Kids will learn the meaning of the library; they will see a lot of people who love to read. It’s a positive atmosphere, which helps a kid to grow and build a reading habit. In a library,

  • They will see a lot of positive people
  • A lot of books
  • Silence & respect for books
  • Reading atmosphere

Visit Book Store

Bring your kids to the bookstore. They will see various types of books. They will take the smell of new books; they will see various nice covers. Help to find out nice books so that next time they will help you to back in a bookstore!

  • They will see various covers of books
  • They make be attracted with a picture of history
  • They may be attracted to Titanic or a big volcano
  • They may be attracted by a big dragon

Split up Content

If the content is complex, kids will not get interested and their minds may be diverted from reading. Hence, it is essential to check this and if required:

  • Change the content or the subject for that particular time
  • or Split up the content into small

Hand Writing

Handwriting is an art. When a kid learns writing, it is good to look at the art, proper writing art will help them to love the letters, to love the writings.

No Compromise with Study

Make a proper time for study, say, in the morning or in the evening. Never ever compromise this time. If your kids want to play today at the time of the study, 100% guarantee tomorrow they will cry for playing at the same time. Make them understood that it’s tasks like eating, bathing, sleeping, etc. In extreme cases, instead of reading, give something to color.

Attraction to Study

We have to create a way of teaching more interesting so that kids will be attracted to study.

  • If they are studying about a butterfly, take them out and show various butterflies in the garden.
  • If they are studying addition or subtraction, tell them to make mud balls and teach them. 
  • If they are learning about plantations, do plantation at home.

These kinds of things will attract kids very much.

Correlate Study with Reality

Every time, you have to teach your kids in such a way that they can visualize it in reality.

  • If they are studying about the magnet, you have to bring a magnet and show it in front of him and show where the magnet is used. 
  • If they are studying electricity, you have to show how a bulb is giving light.

Reward your Kid

You have to reward your kids often to increase their interest and help to progress further. These rewards don’t mean chocolate or chips etc, it should be a storybook or a trip or visiting a zoo, etc.

Overcome Exam or Grade

All kids are not equal. Naturally, exam grades will vary. Never ever shout at them for low grades. Tell them you are happy and help them to find out the weak area and make it stronger to all those weak areas.

Help to be Organized

If you teach your kids to be organized, they will adopt the same habit. Teach them that:

  • All the books or bags should be kept in a proper place after reading.
  • If they make the room haphazard, teach them to clean.

Beware of Kid’s Demand

Many kids are very clever, and they increase their demand every day. Many of them give conditions as well. I know a kid of 3years old, her name is Kaushani. I have seen her dance in a program. She danced with her elder sister. I was so amazed & regards to them as well as their mother. Her mother said, ‘’Kaushani was agreed to dance for 4min with 2 kinder joy’’

Never ever do any agreement, it will increase their demand day by day. We have to make them understood that it’s your work & you have to do it. There should not be any conditions. Remember you fulfill one condition, she will make another.

Restriction on Electronics

Parents should not allow their kids to see mobile or tab all the time. Yes, you can allow them but it should be controlled by you. Make them understood that these are not for you. These are simply like other important things like washing machine, fridge, etc.

Samira a 2 years old baby, is not able to eat anything unless her mother plays a beautiful cartoon in mobile. And what will her mother do here? Nothing! Playing a cartoon only!
Remember, this baby didn’t know what is a mobile, or a cartoon. Her parents have given it & this habit is built within her. Hence, never ever make a habit of addiction.

Visit Zoological Park or Forest

It’s interesting to visit a zoological park at some intervals. Kids really love it. They will see animal’s cultures, various animals, how they make noise, how they act, which are quite interesting. It will help to study our natures.

  • They will know how a crocodile looks like, its size
  • They will know how a tiger or a giraffe looks like, how big
  • Various birds
  • A lot of creatures

Interest in Crafts & Muds

Kids are very much fond of craftworks or muds. They simply love all this stuff. Make some craftworks like birds by paper or bag by paper and teach them how to do it. You can make a small boat with a piece of paper & keep it in a water bucket, or make an elephant with mud. It will help to pass the time with creativity.

  • They will make many shapes & they will learn
  • They will make a lot of creativity
  • Visit sea beach & have fun

Utilize Vacations

Everyone loves a vacation, even kids too. For kids, the vacation should not be idle or detach from the study. The best way to utilize the vacation are:

  • Involve much interesting activity
  • Summer camp
  • Storybooks
  • Fun
  • Educational tours
  • Teach them planation, how it grows, how to water etc.

Never Demoralized

Mother asked a question to her son, Rohan, ‘’what is the longest river in the world’’? This question has already been told yesterday. She waits for 2 minutes, no answer and Rohan was searching, he was swimming in the Ganges! Last time, he crossed the Ganga River on a boat with his parents and little sister. It was an awesome journey.

Suddenly an earthquake, on his small soft backbone. Backbone was strong enough to swim on the Ganges river but now it’s weaker to cross even a pond. Parents should help them to answer or ask a simple question.

We have to help them to win, help them to smile, and never ever demoralize. Just help them strengthen their roots and lead a healthy life.

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