Transparent Object Q&A and Mock Test

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Transparent Object Q&A and Mock Test

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Transparent Translucent & Opaque Q&A QUIZ

June 14, 2021

Light pass through completely, means -
Light cannot pass through the - objects.
Apple is an example of
Cloud is an example of
Glass is an example of
A brick is an example of a Translucent Object
Clear water is an example of Transparent Object
Wooden window is an example of - object
Sheela has a nice garden and she wants to look her garden from the kitchen window. Which type of window she should buy?
An ice block is an example of - object.
The object which can cast shadow is known as
Mirror is made of glass so it is a transparent object
Do you think wax is an example of transparent object?
Find our the transparent object
Find out the odd one
Diamond is ------- object
The object which block the light completely is known as
Shiny surface means -
Frosted glass is an example of an opaque object
Main requirements to form a dark shadow

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