What is Deforestation? Definition, Meaning, Effects, Causes, Solutions, Facts

In this article, we will learn what is deforestation, its definition, meaning, effects, causes, problems, solutions, facts, rainforests, along with many examples.

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What is Deforestation? Definition, Meaning

Let’s try to understand the basics of deforestation, its definition & meaning.

Deforestation Basics & Meaning

The countries are getting developed rapidly all over the world. People from all over the world are demanding the change and accepting it as well. The old era has gone, and all of us have set our living standards. There are advantages and disadvantages of all the activities that take place.

  • The urbanization era has given us a lot of comfortable and fun modes, and we people are enjoying to the fullest all these changes.
  • Companies are growing, and simultaneously technology is increasing, salaries are getting hiked, people are getting jobs, students are studying in good schools, people are traveling to foreign.
  • All these changes are taking place, and everything is getting developed, and this is a good advantage for the Countries people.

However, in all these developmental processes, our natural resources are getting depleted fully. We human beings and other living creatures have been gifted with air, water, and too many Forests. The beauty is all over, but we have depleted it, continuing without any stop.

Deforestation Definition

The word “Deforestation” refers to the cutting down of trees in huge areas. We can say that trees are getting cleared from the forested areas for some developmental projects or other purposes, ultimately leading to development.

In the Current Scenario, Deforestation has taken place rapidly. We have lost many Forests to construct big apartments, roads, dams, airports, railway stations, hotels, fun cinemas, multiplexes, and amusement parks. Deforestation has majorly affected the lives of animals as most of them have lost their homes, and many of them are now found to be extinct.

In this context, we will understand all the factors related to deforestation.

Ecology of Forests & Deforestation

Basics of Forest Ecology

“Forests” are called the heart of the earth. It is the only provider of oxygen on this planet. We all know about the importance of oxygen for us. If we are breathing today and are survived, then that is only because of oxygen, and forests are the ones that provide oxygen and takes carbon dioxide.

  • On the Planet “earth,” forests are the ones which are the home for an innumerable number of Species.
  • We know this well that Trees take carbon dioxide and release only oxygen.
  • A forest consists of big trees, small plants, birds, and several animals.
  • It is also considered that most people have their shelter in the forests, and they have adequately settled their life in the Jungles.
  • Too many Livelihoods are dependent on the forests, and it is a vital part of the ecosystem and supports the different lives to survive.

We all know that the forests are responsible for the climatic changes too. The rainfall takes place mainly in those areas where trees are found to be more, and the woods are denser.

Rainfall helps the forests and other species to survive, and it is essential. A forest brings the positive and balanced environment that is required for all living habitats.

Forests and Deforestations

Forests are the gift of nature, contributing to the beauty and use of natural resources for humans and other living beings. Deforestation to some limit may have given the advantage to the development, but it has resulted as a significant disadvantage for the animals and birds living in the jungles.

Causes of Deforestation

Agricultural Growth in Deforestation

The first and foremost reason that lies behind the happening of Deforestation is Agricultural activities. The Relevant points are discussed below related to this.

  • The population is increasing day by day, and so are the eating capacities.
  • The Farmers are the ones that struggle day and night to earn their living.
  • The only source of earning money for farmers is growing crops and selling them in the market.
  • The demand for eatable grains and crops is increasing, and meeting this demand; farmers need the areas to grow the crops.
  • Due to insufficient land, Framers opt to remove the trees and use the fertile land to grow crops.
  • They cut trees to start their agricultural work and their Livestock eats the grass or gazes in the land.
  • Farmers also use their cattle to gaze at the land, which leads to gazing, and indeed, this makes that particular piece of land infertile.
  • The need for space for agricultural work has led to huge deforestation, and we have lost many trees because of this.
  • The under-developing countries that have an only way of earning are farming go for more deforestation process to earn some living. This anyhow may have given them money but have disturbed the forests.
  • Farmers need huge areas for growing crops, and certainly, their demand has led to an increase of deforestation to the fullest.

Constructional Activities in Deforestation

The major Aspect of Development is more and more Construction. Constructional activities have taken place so rapidly that now it is almost impossible to make it stop. The relevant points related to this are discussed below.

  • The transformation of the countries has taken place in many diversified ways, and for this change, the major activity that contributed to it is difficult Construction.
  • All the countries are going through and changing to meet all the necessities they opt for the Import and Export Facility. Import and Export is an exchange or sale of goods from one country to another, which leads to good money-making for countries.
  • To make this reach of goods possible, humans needed either roads or airways to make it available. The Construction then started taking place, and several Highways, Roads, Airports, and others started. This Construction has given rapidly to deforestation by also disturbing the good lives of our animals and birds.
  • The populations in rural areas are decreasing, and most people are shifting to the urban areas in search of a job or good life. The increase in the urban areas is thus leading to deforestation.
  • The apartments are being constructed rapidly to be a shelter for increasing population ad; this has anyhow led to the significant depletion of Forests.
  • The more number of constructions has affected the small and big animals. In the current scenario, Elephant’s death is increasing. This is because the Forests are cleared, and the railway tracks have been constructed from the middle of the jungle. When Elephants cross the tracks, they often get hit by a train and found to be dead. Innumerable numbers of Animals have been affected due to the construction activities.

Industrial and Mining Activities in Deforestation

The biggest factor that has given the rise in deforestation is mining activities. Huge numbers of Trees are either burned, cut down, or uprooted to conduct mining activities. The relevant points are discussed below:

  • In the activity of mining, mass forests are removed. This is the most negative process conducted that leads to bad deforestation.
  • Big Bulldozers or others are used to dig the ground, and most of the fertile soils are removed from the ground.
  • In this process, lands become barren, and the areas will be found of no Trees.
  • In search of minerals, people have started conducting this destructive process, which has affected forests and led to increased soil erosion.
  • Most of the Expensive metals and minerals are found under forested areas, and due to this, such activities have been taken place.
  • This leads to soil erosion as well as lots of loss of lives. This has been a reason for the increase in extinct and endangered animals. The people whose incomes are dependent on mining go more for this to earn, leading to destructive deforestation.
  • Acquiring large space to build thermal power plants, various steel plants, other industries, and many times large forests are sacrificed.

Natural Causes for Deforestation

Human activities result in deforestation, and natural calamities are also contributing to the same. The points relating to this are given below:

  • Sometimes sudden heavy rains take place, and this gets overflows.
  • It then uproots the trees and drains them far away.
  • Storms or hurricanes occur, resulting in huge trees loss as most of the trees fell on roads blocking the ways.
  • Forest Fires sometimes take place suddenly, and this results in a huge number of burned trees.
  • The other natural reason is Drought. When there is no rainfall in the year, the trees do not get water, resulting in the rot of trees and thus deforestation. In addition, the animals also get affected due to Drought, and they start dying.
  • A natural cause takes place once in a while. Very hardly it takes place frequently as the destruction from natural causes is less and is more because of human activity.
  • The loss from natural causes is not that much bigger compared to the human destruction activities.

Effects & Problems of Deforestation

The increased deforestation has decreased the number of Forests and the areas, and the level of urbanization and industrialization has been appreciated. People are now demanding a more luxurious life. Due to this continuing factor, the forests are being depleted, affecting the animals and birds as they have lost their shelter.

The various impacts of deforestation are described below:

Deforestation and Climatic Changes 

We all know that, Due to deforestation activity, the climatic conditions are getting unbalanced. Forests are the source that contributes to the temperature and maintains soothing air. However, the increase in deforestation has led to total climate change. We get oxygen from forests the take the carbon dioxide.

  • When the trees and Green plants are being cut or burned, their chemicals get mixed with the air and thus leads to destructive climate change that leads to too much global warming or flood, etc.
  • Moreover, the disturbing climatic condition has led to an increase in greenhouse gas, which is harmful to all the living beings in this world.

Increase in Soil Erosion & Deforestation

As the climatic condition changes, the rains or wind drains the soil quickly, making the soil infertile. The soil, after getting infertile, becomes useless for agricultural purposes. Farmers search for lands to grow crops, and for that, they need fertile land.

However, when deforestation occurs, the soil also gets eroded easily by rain or climatic causes like floods. This increases the erosion of soil.

Extinction of Birds, Animals Deforestation

Most birds and animals are getting extinct daily. Forests are the homes for both birds and animals. As deforestation is increasing, the animals are losing their homes and looking for new ones.

The animals move to the new place, searching for a new home, but it becomes challenging to survive in the new environment. This leads to either their death or sometimes upset mind.

Most of the animals are now endangered and extinct. Even after taking several steps by the government to protect the animals, it is hardly getting successful.

Change in Water Cycle Deforestation

Water is a necessity that cannot be ignored. In the current scenario, we are even struggling to get fresh drinking water. The ecological balance is essential, but as the deforestation of forests increases, precipitation is getting disturbed, resulting in more or less water flow in the existing water bodies.

The water cycle process is getting fully unbalanced due to deforestation.

Loss of Inhabitants Shelter Deforestation

Sometimes forests are being burned, either by humans or due to climate change. This burning of forest does not give time to the animals to move away, and many of them get burned in that.

Most of the time, cutting trees starts, which leads to destruction and loss of Forest animals. There are many inhabitants other than animals and birds, and all the species have lost their homes after deforestation took place.

Destruction of Biodiversity Deforestation

No one wants to leave their homes or shelter. Everybody loves their home, but the jungle animals are forced to leave, and when they run from the jungle, they become extinct by other humans. An increase in deforestation has too many disadvantages, and it has led to too much loss in the lives of Jungle animals.

  • The animals are either getting disappear or found very little nowadays. In the future, there are chances that the Tigers and Elephants will also become extinct because, in the current scenario, they come in the category of endangered species.
  • Some of the animals and many birds only live on trees, and due to deforestation, they disappear or become extinct because of our inhuman activities.
  • Our ecosystem is totally in danger as if the animals will not be seen, and then forests glow will be gone forever.

Impacts on Tribal People Deforestation

There are many low Tribal people whose source of living is forests and their Foods. They do not earn more money, but they call the jungle their home. They have attachments with the jungle and the living animals.

Nevertheless, as this deforestation comes, these lives also get affected and forced to live in their homes. These people then try to move in the urban and struggle entire life to earn money and living.

Animals Endangered due to Deforestation

The animals that come under endangered lists are:

  • Royal Bengal Tigers: Nowadays, Royal Bengal tigers can only be seen in zoos. It was reported a few days back that all the tigers have been extinct.
  • To save these tigers, Govt made decisions to keep them in zoos and national parks.
  • Elephants: The lives of elephants have been in danger for few years. The train tracks pass through the dense jungles, and many elephants lose their lives while crossing the tracks.
  • The animals which are not endangered do not need to be safe.
  • Hippopotamus, elephants, Rhinoceros, Beers, all these animals are in danger. The deforestations have taken their homes, and some people, for the sake of money, have started killing them to sell their body parts like trunks, etc.
  • When deforestation takes place, people may run to different places to save their lives, but in the same way, plants and animals cannot move, so destroyed and poorly killed.

Why are Forests required and their benefits?

Plants and Forests are considered natural beauty, and they should not be defoliated at any cost. Destruction of plants not only impacts animals but also impacts human health as the air becomes impure and we inhale that.

  • Trees are an essential part of the earth. It is not only an oxygen provider, but it also maintains the ecological balance of the environment. Not only on earth, the plants surviving on water and inside the water are also playing the same role. It has been poorly destroyed for the past few years and lots of animals are being killed and lost and their lives.
  • It provides clean and fresh air to breathe, which helps maintain good mental and physical health and helps people remain stress-free.
  • Nowadays, people are surviving for fewer years, and the reason is dirty air. The fresh air is necessary, and we can only get this when we plant more and more trees.
  • A balanced environment exists, and a proper water cycle starts taking place.
  • For humans, the priority should be saving the trees, and more awareness should be created amongst people to save more and more trees. If we fail to do so, then we are on track to destroying ourselves.
  • The world will start becoming beautiful again when we start following these steps.

Saving Forests and plants are urgently required, and all the laws and regulations made by the government should be followed to save trees. If we do not start saving trees from now onwards, we all have to risk our lives in the nearest future.

Solutions to Decrease Deforestation

There are numerous ways through which we can decrease the magnitude of deforestation. The following are some of them:


Afforestation implies planting more and more trees. When the trees are planted more, it decreases the rate of deforestation.

  • When trees are planted more in one place, they gradually start converting into forests and become the shelter for the birds and animals after a few years.
  • A good thing that can be nowadays is people are trying to understand the importance of trees and lot of governmental and private institutions have taken initiatives to plant trees.
  • These steps can help increase forests and provide natural and fresh air for all living beings to breathe.

Recycled Product

  • People should prefer in buying Recycled products.
  • Reuse, Reduce and Recycle should be followed as this leads to less deforestation.
  • In offices or schools, Recycled paper should be used as this can help in less cutting of trees because we get paper from trees.
  • People should appreciate recycled products, and we all should go on buying recycled products.


  • Through the word Reforestation, we understand that if trees are being cut, then simultaneously, trees have to be planted.
  • In deforestation, the old woods and trees should be cut, but planting trees should also be followed.
  • We all understand that the development process could not be stopped. If it is destroyed, then most of the processes can get affected, which hardly anybody wants.
  • We should take the initiative and take this as a responsibility and plant more trees in all the Barren lands.

Tips to Decrease Deforestation Effects          

We should also start from our own homes. The lawns and garden areas shall be planted and watered daily. This small step of us can help the plants and trees.

  • We all should support all the foundations and institutions that have turned up to protect trees. Our help and support will inspire them to work harder, and other people will understand the value of trees.
  • An awareness campaign should be created. The awareness regarding the forests should be taught to the people. Understanding the importance of forests is very necessary, and this can lead to plant more trees.
  • Fire in Forests should be strictly prohibited. Due to this step, not only plants but also animals get burned and lose their lives.
  • To save trees and wood, people should purchase only that furniture that is wooden-free.
  • The use of Palm oils should be strictly banned because we get palm oil from trees ad this leads to the destruction of forests. Hence, the use of palm oil should be stopped.
  • Wastage of papers should be entirely stopped. We all know that we get paper from trees, so if fewer papers are wasted, fewer trees will get cut. Reuse of Papers and books should be appreciated. More use of new books led to cut more trees.
  • The new generations should be taught the importance of trees and how they can be saved from their childhood. These educations will impact their growing minds, which will help save trees from being cut in the future.

Saving trees are the primary aspect of the current scenario, and each individual should contribute to this to save our natural Forests. If everyone is determined in this prospect, they can make this possible, and many lives and our ecosystem can be saved. The living ecosystem is way necessary, and it requires little effort by humans to make this possible.

Plastics should be banned, plants should be planted more, animals should not be killed, and water use should be limited. All these factors can save our ecosystem and environment from getting destructed heavily and give the plants life.


We know clearly that surviving without oxygen is not easy, and trees are one to provide oxygen. Forest’s lives are important; they should not be destroyed. A forest contributes to maintaining the ecological and natural balance. Deforestation is now a significant factor that has resulted in destruction and losses.

It should be saved at any cost, and people must take the initiative to save the trees. If we take this initiative soon, millions of trees can be protected, and the same can be planted. We should not forget that our balanced life is primarily dependent on proper nature care.

The steps above have been listed to maintain this and keep it alive, and it can at least help understand the benefits of our Forests. This context includes the significant reasons that are giving rise to deforestation and the ways that can help in minimizing the process. The process provided in the context relevantly reveals the ways that can help save biodiversity and decrease deforestation. It should further help human beings collectively work on this without doing late as this is way important in the current situation.

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