Write an Essay on Social Media – Addiction, Benefits & Disadvantages

How to Write an Essay on Social Media?

Hey Friends! In this article, we will learn how to write an essay on social media along with its importance, addiction, benefits or advantages, disadvantages!

What is Social Media Essay?

Social media has become a part of our lifestyle. With the advent of technology and smartphones, almost everyone is on social media. Although social media was created to work as a bond between people worldwide, most people tend to use it as the sole medium of communication with the world.

what essay social media addiction benefits disadvantages
What essay social media addiction benefits disadvantages basics

This is why social media has also become a threat to our current lives.

Benefits of Social Media and How to Reduce its Misuses

Since the dawn of human society, the need for communication has always been a primary requirement. Effective communication can erase the barrier between two people, even if they are sitting miles apart from each other. Social media has managed to do that.

Thanks to social media, we can now communicate with someone sitting a mile away from us in a different country. However, such a great facility comes with a price as well. Since anyone and everyone can access social media, there is a tendency to misuse it as well. Cybercriminals have frequently used social media as a tool to torment their victim. Even general people sometimes use social media to take revenge on someone they have a grudge against. To counter this, we need certain steps to be placed:

  • First of all, every user must be educated about the functionality of social media. This way, other users cannot use it against you.
  • More strict security and identification process should be in place to avoid fake accounts.
  • While social media is often used to share everything that’s happening in your life, it’s better not to share too many details that can cause problems in the future. Confidentiality is the key here.

First Essay “The Benefits of Social media”

Communication is the key to development. The more you are connected with people, the stronger you can feel. With the advent of technology, several mediums are now there to improve this communication system. Social media is just one of them. However, over the course of time, it has proven to be one of the most effective, pocket-friendly, very beneficial, and easy-to-use mediums to communicate.

 essay social media benefits
Essay social media benefits

Almost all the social media platforms are absolutely free, and anyone can create an account over there to start exploring the millions of other users around the world. The best part is that you can quickly get yourself connected with any other user around the globe. No matter how far the person is living from your residence, you can instantly start chatting with that person and share your thoughts.

This same concept can be used for businesses as well. Now, you can use social media platforms to attract new customers to your website easily. Since the user base of various social media platforms is increasing every day, attracting even a fraction can be beneficial.

However, you need to remember that there are some fraudulent users as well. Hence, you need to use it cautiously and prudently.

Second Essay “The Needs of Social media”

Social media has become more than just a medium of communication these days. Currently, it has become the status symbol and indicator of your current social plane. It has become a necessity now, and that’s why almost everyone is on some social media platform or the other. But what is so necessary about social media platforms?

social media essay benefits needs advantages
Social media essay benefits needs advantages

Well, each of the social media platforms offers something different to the user. This is one of the reasons why so many other platforms are thriving together simultaneously. At first, it just about communication, but now, with time, the need for social media has evolved quite a bit. With the advent of technology, a better communication system was invented. This is specifically why phone calls could serve the purpose of talking with someone living a thousand miles away from us. But we wanted something much cheaper, much more cost-effective.

And that’s how social media became our instant way to talk to people we don’t get to meet often and even to people we don’t even know personally. Social media invited everyone to join this platform and share their details with others. You even had the option to chat with your social media friends. But later on, we also invented the instant messaging platforms, which allowed us to chat with anyone through their phone number without paying a single penny. However, despite that even, social media remained as relevant as ever. Because by the time instant messengers came into existence, the need for social media has already changed.

People are now much more attracted to fame rather than getting connected to other people around the world. They just want to showcase what’s happening in their lives and get as much attention as possible. With this tendency growing every day, we are becoming more and more dependent on social media and losing touch with our real life.

It’s about time we realize this truth about social media and care more about our real-life than the virtual life.

Third Essay “Social media – Its Merits and Demerits”

For the last decade or more, social media has seen a massive boom in its users. A lot of that owes to the increasing use of smartphones. When social media platforms like Facebook came into existence, most people had minimal access to smartphones. But now, the story has changed completely. Almost everyone has high-tech smartphones, which opened the doors of infinite possibilities. Just imagine, what would you have done with your Instagram account if you never had a smartphone with a great camera in it? This rise of smartphone users has given birth to many social media platforms like Instagram. And it also allowed other social media platforms to access this colossal user-base which could use the social due to lack of resources.

what social media essay advantages disadvantages
What social media essay advantages disadvantages

It allowed them to get connected with people around the world, not only in their own country but outside as well. Every country is trying to expand its digital horizons, and believe it or not, a lot of it is due to the use of social media. Without a doubt, it can be said that there are several advantages of social media platforms, waiting for you to discover if you use them responsively.

  • First of all, thanks to social media, the whole world is now in the palm of your hands. Not just talking and getting connected to people, but social media can also allow you to get information on several different topics. From sports to entertainment, you name it; everything is already there.
  • Thanks to this massive user-base of social media platforms, which is growing every day, many businesses, even startups, can use it as well to connect with new and potential customers. Business is all about promoting your brand and getting connected, and what better way is there than social media.
  • Social media is a great place to showcase your talent as well. Even if you are not getting the chance to prove what you can do, you can simply put up a video, and it is bound to take you somewhere.

However, there are some downsides as well. Social media platforms need to be used with caution as a breach of security can happen at any time. Apart from that, some fraudulent users can access your personal info and use it against you. This is why it is always advisable to use it carefully and not share anything too personal that can cause vulnerability in the future.

Fourth Essay “Social media – the Curse or Blessing?”

Imagine you are sitting near a river. The surrounding beauty is breathtaking, like a watercolor painting of some master artist. You could have just sat there quietly and contemplated the beauty around you, but you suddenly had a thought.

You leaned towards the river, and with your left hand, you opened your front camera and clicked a selfie with the serene surrounding and the river flowing in the background. It’s looking fabulous, of course, and without wasting any more time, you started editing the selfie to make it look absolutely perfect and then immediately posted it.

Just as you had expected, the selfie is pulling like, comments and shares from the very moment it was posted. People started reacting, commenting and some also texted you personally. Amidst all this natural splendor, you are now entirely glued to your mobile phone, forgetting the breathtaking beauty around you.

This is what social media has done to us. It not only made us more dependent on the virtual world but also made us forget the value of reality, the real world, and the nature that surrounds us. We have forgotten to appreciate the beauty around us and fail to appreciate the little beautiful things happening around us all the time. Though it was created to connect us with the outside world and with more and more people, in reality, it has actually separated us from the people we already had in our lives. Now, even if four people sit together, they don’t talk to each other; instead, they scroll their newsfeed. The irony is they share or react to the post shared by the friend sitting next to them. Hence, they are more connected on social media rather than in real life.

Be it a restaurant or someplace you are visiting on your vacation; most people are eager to share the photos with the whole world rather than enjoying the place without the phone. Social media has destroyed our privacy wall, and we now prefer to share every moment of our lives.

There can be no doubt that social media has helped us connect better with the world. Even the government uses social media to reach out to people, but our dependence has made this boon turn into a bane! With our privacy laid bare in the public domain by our own hands, we are more vulnerable than ever. This is exactly why cybercrime has reached its pinnacle lately, and more and more people are becoming prey to this every day.

The difference between a curse and a blessing often depends on the way we look at it. This is why only we are responsible for the current scenario and no one else. If we learn how to use social media without forgetting our reality, I believe our lives will achieve a better perspective.


Social media was created to get yourself connected with the world and also with people that you cannot meet otherwise. But it was never designed to forget the real world and become dependent on it. The ideal use of social media would be to connect and share your ideas with the world and still value your real life over the virtual one.

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