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What is Force?

What is Force in Physics is a very common question to all of us. In our day to day life, we do a lot of activities.

For example,

  • Moving an object
  • Opening or closing doors
  • Playing football
  • Playing guitar and many more!
what is force
What is force
  • Now, we play guitar to get a nice sound, but, how do we get it? 
  • When we open or close the door, how do we do exactly? 
  • When we play football, how the ball moves from one place to another?

In the case of guitar, we hit the strings with our fingers and sound comes. In the case of doors, we push the door to open it,  and we pull the door to close it.

force examples of opening the door
Force examples of opening the door

In the case of football, we kick, and the ball moves.

These all hittings or pushing or pulling or kicking is nothing but Force and let us explore!

Push-Pull and Relation to Force

Push-Pull and Examples

We will understand the push and pull and the relation to force. Before discussing Force, we will see a few examples and analyze:


If you see a woodpecker, they are striking or hammering the trunk of the tree with their beak to make a hole in it.

They make a nest in those holes and during this action and a continuous sound comes. This hammering is nothing but Push.

Drawing Water from Well

pull example for drawing water
Pull example for drawing water

If you go to a little old village, you will see a deep well where water is reserved. The villagers are drawing water from the well through their buckets.

In that deep well, there is one rope with supports, and the bucket is tied with the rope and they pull the rope to get the water. Hence, the action is Pull.

Playing Guitar

push pull example for playing guitar
Push pull example for playing guitar

We have seen the actions of push and pull but these two actions can be together also. Let’s check,

When we hit the string downwards and upwards, we get downstroke and upstroke accordingly. Now, downstroke means a push and upstroke means a pull.

Hence, we do pushing and pulling of the string by fingers to get the sound. This is Push-Pull.

In addition to that, there are so many other actions in daily life as well, like

  • Kicking
  • Hitting 
  • Opening
  • Closing
  • Lifting
  • Drawing
  • Picking
  • Plucking
push pull examples
Push pull examples

Now, in the same way, if we analyze all the above actions, will see that  everything can be expressed either push or pull or push-pull

Analyze Push-Pull

When we do push or pull, we apply some external factors and that is Force. Hence, in the case of pushing, we apply force and in the case of pulling also, we are applying force. Hence, force means a push or pull.

Check out our ANIMATED video!

Force Meaning and Force Definition

Force Meaning

So, we have understood that force means to push or to pull on any object. But do you observe that when we push or pull, we interact with objects?

Force will come only when there will be an interaction between objects. When there is no interaction, the objects will not have any experience of the force. It exists only as a result of an interaction.

1) When we kick a ball, we interact with footballs,

2) When we move an object, we interact with it,


Hence, there are three major parameters, to define force:

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Interaction

Force Definition

Hence, the force can be defined, as,

‘A force is a push or pull, on an object, when one object interacts with other objects”.

This is a simple definition of force in physics.

Remember it always has a value i.e. magnitude and it is always applied in a direction.

We will introduce a few terminologies:

  • Direction of force: It is the direction towards which the force is applied.
direction of Force
Direction of Force
  • Application of Force: It is the point where force is being applied.
point of application
Point of application
  • Denote:  Force is denoted as ‘F’.

There are various types of force and various applications.

Examples of Force

We will see here a few force examples:

Playing Carrom 

If we play carrom, we strike or hit the coin with the striker. This is hitting is force.  

Moving an Object

If you hit on an object, it will move. This hitting is Force.  

Carriage by Horse

In the case of carriage, we have seen a horse is tied with the carriage, and when the horse moves, the carriage moves. How does the carriage move?

The horse pulls it and it moves. This pulling is a force. 

Hitting by hammer

When we hit an iron nail with a hammer, we push it. This is Force.

Effects of Force

When we apply force on an object, the effects of force may be as follows:

  • It can move an object
  • It can stop an object
  • It can change the shape of an object
  • It can change the speed of an object
  • It can change the direction of an object


Hence, we have learned what is force and it’s application. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write. Thank you for visiting.

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