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What is Noun in English Grammar – Definition, Examples, List of Noun

what is noun examples

What is Noun? It is a very common question. In this session, we will discuss the basic concept of the basic English grammar foundation along with definition of noun, meaning, explanation & understanding, diagrams & images, an animated video, and a lot of examples. Let’s explore the Noun!

What is noun?

Let us try to understand what is noun with an example. An old tiger lived in a forest. The forest is really very big & dense and there are many other animals like deer, giraffes, lions, etc. lived. The tiger was too old that it was not able to catch any animals to eat. The old tiger was very hungry and decided to bring some food from the nearest village.

what is noun
What is noun?

The beauty of the village is so nice. Minu and Tina live at a small house in the same village and they saw the tiger fearfully and running towards home. Now, try to find out the names here. If we observe, we can see the followings:

  • Tiger, deer, giraffes etc
  • Forest
  • Animals
  • Village
  • Beauty
  • Minu, Tina
  • Fear, etc. are simply the names.

These names are known as nouns. Hence, any name, it may be the name of people or places or things or animals or feelings or ideas are known as nouns.


Understanding – Noun

Noun, this word came from Latin word ‘nomen’ and it means name.

noun means name
Noun means name

Hence, noun means the name of anything, it may be the name of people, place, things, feelings, ideas, actions, etc. Everything we can see or talk about or feel is represented by a word that is a noun. Remember “noun” means ‘name’

Name of peopleMinu, Tina (in our example), Rana, teacher, students, Sima, Rabi, etc. 
Name of any living thingsTiger, deers (in our example), dogs, plants, birds, etc. 
Name of non-living thingsHouse (in our example), table, chair, pen, pencil, etc.
Name of placesVillage (in our example), Delhi, Kolkata, India, Asia, Earth, etc. 
Name of actionRunning (in our example), swimming, singing, walking, etc.
Name of qualitiesBeauty (in our example), honesty, kindness, evil, fear, etc. 
Name of IdeasFriendship, development, choice, dreams, etc. 

Based on these above examples, nouns are classified into few groups. However, before learning the types of nouns, we will learn the basics of nouns here.

Check out our ANIMATED video!

Noun Definition – What is the definition of noun?

A noun is a word that names of person, place, things, feelings, actions, ideas, etc.

various types of nouns
Various types of nouns

Various Examples of Nouns

Name of People or Living Things

The name of people or any living things are nouns. Let’s see the examples,

  • She is Lina
  • She likes deer, giraffes, fishes
  • She is a student
  • Teacher loves her
  • She has two birds and one dog
  • There are so many birds on the tree
  • She wants to be a doctor
  • She asked Rita, how are you?

Name of Places

The name of any place is a noun. Let’s see the examples,

  • Earth is a beautiful planet
  • I live in India
  • I like the city of Kolkata
  • He is from Paris
  • Dodo is from London
  • I have visited France and England
  • Rima went to Australia
  • I am from a village
  • They all like my beautiful Village

Name of Actions

name of action writing
Name of action writing
  • Writing is an art and I really love it
  • Reading is the best habit to grow
  • Regular running and jogging can help everyone to be healthy
  • Singing can fresh your mind
  • Playing can be fun

Name of Qualities

The name of any quality is a noun. There are thousands of examples of the quality of nouns. Let’s see the examples,

  • You can not measure kindness
  • Determination can change a person
  • Self-control is the best habit of human beings
  • Wisdom defines a person

Name of Ideas

noun name of ideas
Noun name of ideas
  • Patriotism comes from the heart
  • Friendship wins the heart
  • Development is the key to success
  • The choice should not be based on mind, it should be from the heart

Name of Things

The name of the thing is a noun. Let’s see the examples,

  • I have many books in my room
  • I love to read storybooks
  • We have seen the Taj Mahal
  • My dream is to visit Nigra Falls
  • The Nile is the longest river
  • I love chocolates

There are so many worksheets for nouns available for practice. 

Examples – List of Noun

The examples are:

PeopleLiving thingsNon-living thingsPlacesActionsQualitiesIdeas

Noun Examples – With Explanation

Rumi and Mina are two sisters: Explanation: Rumi & Mina are the names of persons. Sisters mean people. Hence, the followings are nouns:

  • Rumi
  • Mina
  • Sister
‘’My mother’s name is Minu’’, Rinki saidExplanation: The mother refers to a person. Minu and Rinki are the names of the person. Hence, these are nouns.
I have a dog.Explanation: A dog is a living thing. Hence, the dog is a noun.
He is reading a storybook.Explanation: Storybook is a non-living thing. Hence, it is a noun.
I live in Switzerland. Explanation: Switzerland is the name of a place. Hence, Switzerland is a noun.
Singing is a great platform to reach people. Explanation: Singing is the name of the action and people is the name of a group of persons. Hence, singing and people are nouns.
Honesty is the best policy. Explanation: Honesty and policy are qualities. Hence, honesty and policy are nouns.
Friendship can win the heart of people:  Explanation: Friendship is an idea and people are the name of a group of persons. Hence, friendship and people are nouns.

What do you think about the understanding of nouns? Is it easy! It’s not only the noun, to learn basic English there is some proven method as well.


Hence, we have learned what is noun, it’s basic along with a lot of examples. Further Study

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Concrete nouns

Irregular plurals

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