What is Pollution? Definition, Meaning, Types, Causes, Effects, Solutions

In this article, we will learn what is pollution, its definition, meaning, types, causes, effects, solutions, etc.

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What is Pollution? Definition, Meaning

In this 21st century, we all know well about detailed pollution. In a simple word, the concept of pollution is termed as “harmful air, environment, and water.” Urbanization and industrialization in today’s era are increasing and growing at a rapid pace and pollution. All the poisonous materials are getting added to the environment, and similarly, it increases the risk to people’s health.  Our activities that are taking place creating more and more pollution in the environment than nature.

As of now, we are all are getting the holistic detail of the pollution through, android phones, newspapers, and other Media. Every day we also see that government takes several steps to stop this, but it is not easy for now totally set the environment free from pollution.

With this regard, we will understand in this context the types of pollution and their related pollutants. We first need to understand the definition, similarities, and differences between pollution and pollutants. Pollution can be understood as the poisonous substance that affects all the floras as well as faunas. The activities of human beings contribute too much to creating pollution. As per the needs and demands of humans, all the sectors are growing rapidly, and it is, however, affecting dangerously. To understand the pollutants, we have to understand that pollutants are those substances that are added to creating pollution.

Types of Pollution

The major types of pollution are:

  • Air Pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Land Pollution

These all are considered to be the major pollutions affecting our environment badly.

Air Pollution and Its Pollutants

Air Pollution is the most dangerous and harmful for human health. The major reason for this is we breathe; without breathing, it is impossible to survive. But, to survive, we are living in harmful air. The release of harmful pollutants in the air has increased the lifetime risk for humans, animals, and plants. Destructive climate change has taken place, which has a direct impact on everything. We all know that due to climate change, the temperature is increasing rapidly. In this 21st century, every year the record breaks temperature increases and becoming a problem for all the living beings.

Air Pollutants that are considered the reason for Air Pollution are Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone layer depletion, and Carbon Monoxide. Excessive industrialization in the different parts of the world has led to increases in the harmful gases in the air. Most of the factories have burning, which releases smog and then harmful gases in the air. The well-developed cities are highly polluted, and most of the health-related problems can be seen there.

Causes and Effects of Air Pollution

The causes of Air pollution are

  • Factories emission
  • Vehicles smog
  • Fossil Fuels burning
  • Fires in Forest
  • Garbage Burning
  • Power plants emissions
  • Emission of Methane
  • Breathing issues start
  • A problem like asthma etc., takes place.

Effects of Air Pollution

Presently, we can say that all these air pollution causes have contributed to climatic change, which has increased global warming. An increase in global warming has created serious issues such as ozone layer depletion and others. Too much climatic level change has totally disturbed human lives.

Solutions for Air Pollution

  • Overuse of Recourses should be stopped, and consumption in a minimum way should be followed.
  • Continuous emission of carbon should be taken into control. Until and unless it gets controlled, it is hard to control Air pollution.
  • The climatic change due to Air pollution has led to Acid Rain. Moreover, every day we are getting news about the depletion of the ozone layer and increasing global warming. This has to be stopped, or it can be more severe for the living beings on earth.
  • The government should keep on taking strict measures for all the carbon emission industries to control this.

Water Pollution

In the present scenario, we have seen how the scarcity of water creates problems for the people. Especially all the urbanized and well-developed cities are facing this problem at a higher rate. We are not even getting the proper pure purified water to drink. All we are left with is to buy the water and drink.

Due to the impure water, many diseases are taking place, and people are falling sick daily. We will understand water pollution, its causes, and the steps to reduce the increase in this context.

Pollutants of Water Pollution

  • Land waste disposal
  • Oil Waste Disposal in water
  • Thermal Disposal
  • Agricultural Wastes

In the water bodies, aquatic life takes place, and due to all these wastes, all the aquatic animals are getting endangered and defoliated. It has been almost impossible to save lives as all the wastes are disposed of in the said water bodies.

The quality of water has been decreasing day by day, and now it has been observed that people are finding it too difficult to get pure water to drink. Without drinking, it is impossible to survive, so we need clean and purified water to drink. Less contaminated water has a high risk of spreading the disease in the human body, and quality water is the most important source for the human body to drink.

Causes and Effects of Water Pollution

Our Ecosystem has totally got detrained because of the unpolluted water. The ponds, lakes, and water bodies are getting polluted daily, and all living beings are bound to drink. All the factories’ sewages, as well as land wastes, are disposed of in the water. The real causes of water pollution are explained below:

  • Oil Wastes in Water bodies: Every day, all the oil refineries industries are disposing of the oil sewage in the large water bodies, for, e.g., ocean, seas, etc. When this sewage is disposed of in the large water dries, the water in the large amount gets polluted, and the aquatic lives also get affected at a higher rate.
  • Urbanization: Urbanization is the most eligible cause of water pollution. Urban wastes are dangerous and are obtained in the highest amount from the big cities. The worst part is that apart from disposing of these wastes in the ground, these are also disposed of in the water bodies, which affects badly.
  • Factories waste: Factories dumps are also disposed of in the water, making it too impure and useless for human beings to drink and increases wastewater.
  • All this water that becomes contaminated increases the disease likes malaria and cholera etc.

Solutions to Reduce Water Pollution

  • Excessive dumping of wastage and sewage should be reduced.
  • A high amount of wastages should be dumped under the ground.
  • Plastic bags disposal in the water should be totally avoided.
  • Waste treatment options should be found out accordingly.
  • Saving water is excessively important so wastage of it without any use should be stopped.

Noise Pollution

The kind of pollution which we will be discussing next in this context is Noise Pollution. Noise is something that distracts the human brain and other living beings if it is played loud. This can be considered as unwanted noise that disturbs living organisms. The loud noise can be risky as some people face increased sugar levels, blood pressure, etc.

The loud noise impacts not only adults but also affects infants and old-aged groups. Every day we all hear different kinds of sounds on the road, and we get used to it. But it is also having a bad impact on human health, leading to increased stress kind of problem in humans.

Pollutants of Noise Pollution

  • Vehicles sound on roads and highways
  • Factories heavy machines sound that run daily
  • Loudspeaker music sound
  • Household work sound
  • Noise of Generators

The different pollutant of Noise pollution is so disturbing that directly affects human increase and because of this heart risk problems and stress level of human beings are increasing on a higher rate. Some people also start facing problems like depression due to this. The noise pollution has to stop to increase its impacts and risks.

Causes and Effects of Noise Pollution

The causes of Noise pollution are discussed below:

  • Increase in Stress level
  • Mental disorder level
  • Machines sound
  • Manufacturing sounds noise
  • Construction sounds noise
  • Sleep disorder
  • Hearing ability decreases
  • Humans can become deaf
  • Memories of human beings are getting weak day by day, and this is the severe impact of Noise pollution on humans.

Solutions to prevent Noise Pollution

As noise pollution is a kind of threat to human beings, some measures should be taken to prevent noise pollution.

  • Avoiding staying in too much noise
  • Avoiding take part in noisy parties
  • Government should take strict actions and create some parameters, and the rule should not be broken.
  • Some of the areas of the cities should be noise-free such as children’s parks etc. The protocol should be followed by each and every people, and this should not be avoided.
  • Creating awareness among human beings about the bad impact of noise on human health. The understanding of this kind of pollution should be made aware or else this can be more severe.
  • The use of headsets, earphones, and loudspeakers should be decreased as people currently use them mostly and without following any measures.

Land pollution

Land Pollution is the other kind of severe pollution directly putting impact on all kinds of living organisms. The wastes present on land have led to an increase in different diseases, and it certainly affected everyone.  The soil on the ground gets in contact with the waste, and then it goes inside the groundwater, making it dirty and unhygienic for the human body. People every day through the garbage’s on the roads even after putting the dustbins. Due to this increase of land waste, animals are getting more affected as they eat that waste and die both of choke and other reasons.

Pollutants of Land Pollution

The different kinds of Pollutants of land are discussed below:

  • Firstly, we can consider the pollutant as agricultural waste.
  • Mining wastes disposed of on land.
  • Too much industrialization and urbanization
  • Deforestation of the forest: Deforestation leads to soil erosion, and this automatically leads to land pollution
  • Increase of construction work every day.

Causes and effects of land pollution

  • When land pollution increases, it leads to an increase in soil erosion. The increase in soil erosion makes the soil infertile, which is not good for agricultural purposes. Farmer’s lives depend on agriculture, and they work hard too much. But the increase in the infertility of soil makes their hard work in vain.
  • The land pollution simultaneously impacts the groundwater, and once the underground water gets affected, such water becomes poisonous to drink.
  • Loss in pure drinking water.
  • To make the cities and other places more developed, governments are cutting trees every day, which has increased deforestation activity. Deforestation does not prevent the soil and ultimately results in land pollution.
  • All the agricultural and other mining wastes are dropped and disposed of on the road leading to land pollution.
  • Animal animals’ lives are getting at risk as they starve and eat whatever garbage is thrown on roads, for, instance plastic, bags, etc.
  • Most of the Non- Biodegradable wastes are dumped, which is neither decomposed nor burned.
  • It can be said that the lands are becoming barren and unproductive due to the explosion of land pollution.

Solutions to prevent land Pollution

  • To prevent land pollution, people should understand bio-degradable and non-biodegradable wastes.
  • Bio-degradable waste can be decomposed, not making it riskier for human lives, but non-biodegradable wastes are too dangerous for all kinds of living beings.
  • Deforestation has to be decreased. A tree helps catch the soil, but the soil erodes away and becomes infertile when trees are cut. As a result of it, the poor farmer starts facing problems.
  • Mining activities should be decreased, and it should not directly affect and destroy the fertility of soil and land.
  • Landfills in the same place should be avoided and kept away.
  • Government should take some measures to treat the sewage wastes.

Overall, from the context, it can be understood that these kinds of pollution are putting an impact on the environment and human health, and these have to be taken into control.


Hence, we have learned what is pollution, its definition, meaning, types, causes, effects, solutions, etc.

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